Science, Guns and Who Pulls the Trigger? The Sunday Whirl #15/ Margo Roby -Tuesday Tryouts: Epiphany

Epiphanies of silver skies
take sleepiness from vision
You’re more enlightened looking at aversion;
holiness escapes jangles, lost velocity, serrated surfaces,

simplistic, berating voices … what’s beneath
unhinged rattles of traveling, skewed glances

Sad songs glaze fears, trying to hold
fragile, splintered pieces together,
breathing in a pod; you can’t see images,
forever piercing its thinness

Live spherically, capturing life’s moment,
allowing weeds to germinate into
sprouts … a new meadow of flowers

It’s a life of Guelaguetza …
diversity keeps us forever evolving,
noticing where train tracks were built on a fortress
before they invented the train

process notes: A recent getaway influenced this piece, the sun and ocean. However, the world is a crazy place, and is getting more perplexing by the day.
Guelaguetza comes from Zapotec language (indigenous of Oaxaca), and translates to “Mondays on the hill”, if you would like to read about the celebration here’s the link:



10 responses to “Science, Guns and Who Pulls the Trigger? The Sunday Whirl #15/ Margo Roby -Tuesday Tryouts: Epiphany

  1. This is lovely. It leaves no doubting that the author loves this planet and Mother nature and, yes, it’s a scary planet with what is happening to our world these days.
    Much of todays youth seem to have become so de-sensitzed to showing any real emotion. How they appear to their peers matters to them so much more whether they should show caring about other people and issues and, for all its many marvels, modern technology computer, hand held internet gadgets, iphone and such, these have all helped us to become individual, and somewhat isolated islands.
    A lovely read, thank you.

  2. It hasn’t taken you long to get back to writing form! Bravo for the epiphany wordle. An intriguing combination.

  3. The magic of the last stanza takes my breath away. I’m glad you were able to relax, Pamela. This piece is exquisite.

  4. Great use of the prompts! I like the idea of living spherically.

  5. Absolutely lovely. I have a friend who frequents Oaxaca and loves it. I imagine it to be a truly inspiring place.

  6. Thanks Donna. We lived in Oaxaca for six years. Now we are in Puebla and I love the weather here.

I appreciate all comments.

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