“A Life Once Vibrant” The Sunday Whirl #16

Her linen table of prophets and scars,
set on a morning of sun-covered torments

Her notes crawled through life without tender
caresses, just rusty memories walking beneath

Her soul lay cemented and frozen,
swept away by prophets and scars

18 responses to ““A Life Once Vibrant” The Sunday Whirl #16

  1. A compact exposition of the wordle words that works well.

  2. awwwww such sad place the wordle words took you to. lovely prose, though.

  3. Pamela, this is a beautiful poem!

  4. Succinct and well-worded poem, Pamela. The despair is palpable.

  5. PS – Hope you enjoyed your time away!

  6. We used the words in a very similar fashion, yet fashioned two distinctly different worlds from them. I like that. Prophets and scars really do fit together well, Pamela.


  7. My response seems to have disappeared. Don’t want to make a duplicate. Enjoyed your take on the words, found several similar thoughts in my own. Wonderful write, Pamela,


  8. Nice technique, opening and closing lines completing a circle. Very satisfying.

  9. A very enjoyable read.
    I love the way you so cleverly incorporated all the words into such a short piece.

  10. Thanks for reading and commenting, Mike.

  11. So touching and so universal. ‘prophets and scars’, I think we’ve all met both. Thanks for putting this together.

I appreciate all comments.

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