Gloves, Heads and Spheres dVerse: Poetics – Giorgio de Chirico

“Love Song”

We’ve hung granite curtains, passing
clouds of emptiness on portals, to
meet its latex orange shade

You’re suspended in a lurch of roundness;
Venus asks for parchment, laid heavily to dry;
mixtures fill draught horizons

Vacant of replenishing lift, where
all objects seize … frozen in thoughts

13 responses to “Gloves, Heads and Spheres dVerse: Poetics – Giorgio de Chirico

  1. Pam,
    Beautiful verse! You had cleverly commented one by one based on what are featured in the picture prompt. You managed it very well! So how have you been?

  2. You have put some beautiful words together, in response to the surreal picture, but to me, a simple soul, the picture is incomprehensible. I try to learn, so read the dverse piece about Chirico right through, but it made things no clearer. I see a picture containing a statue, a rubber glove, a ball and a building with a distant townscape against a bright blue sky – an unlovely collection of unrelated objects, Your poem, specially the last line, describes how helpless the image made me feel. A successful piece of writing.

    • Viv, I hear what you are saying, and yes, each element is separate from each other and seem to be frozen on the canvas. Not a favourite of mine by this artist, but it spoke to me. Thanks.

  3. oh i much like this…the granite curtains..the orange latex shade..frozen in thoughts.. i like how you make the picture moving with describing the objects, giving them an extended meaning and then let them freeze again – motionless as if nothing ever happened…enjoyed this very much

  4. nice..where all objects freeze…this feels like taking them one at a time to examine then putting them back…elemental but it brings out that which is seen…

  5. I respect Vivienne’s response, even like it and agree to a point. The artist has assembled a few objects that seem to bear no relation to one another, and it does perturb the mind (at least a certain type of mind). They do, however, come together on the picture plane and form a solid composition. It’s perhaps the solidity of this composition, its classical composure, the directness, plainness and clarity of its articulation that suggest that it should mean something, and so the search for meaning goes on….

    One way is to create a story, as you have done, with the same elemental economy as the painting, but you remain true to the painting by returning to enigma in the end. I like that one can pick out a word from each line that, together, sum up the mystery:


  6. Thanks for visiting Mark, and taking the time to comment. I enjoyed the prompt.

  7. Excellent response to this painting, as I find all those feelings of alienation and emptiness are there, shown by the very unrelatedness of the odd artifacts of past and present combined, in much the way your words portray them. As others have said, a very good fit with the image in all ways, and even without ever seeing it, you would have a poem that describes/enacts those elements perfectly.

  8. I like that you begin from where you stand (about the painting) and yet acknowledge the metaphysical aspects of the painting. Your grounding adds a layer of meaning and shows a willingness to engage the art. I respect that.

  9. Thanks for the very nice comment, Anna.

I appreciate all comments.

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