Sunday Morning Will Make You Cry dVerse Open Link Night #4

Extracting souls with glaring eyes …
wilting lilies quiet vases, as motioned
dampness hangs on shoulders,

blinking droplets fall to sleeves,
lonely candles’ sulfur smoke,
followers knelt on damaged bones …

sung to an organ vaguely playing
on unseen balcony. Gospels
breathe in yellowed paper

resting in their hands;
colored pens to write their tales
in tints of stained glass contours fair

Naivety cries acquiesce
as altars spill the wind


8 responses to “Sunday Morning Will Make You Cry dVerse Open Link Night #4

  1. nice…some fine textures here of a religiousity i grew up in…stained glass and proper folk you know…oh the wind blew…

  2. this took me right back to the small catholic church in bavaria where i used to go with my grandma when i was there on holidays..even brought back the smells..

  3. I used to live in an old immigrant neighborhood in Chicago at one time–this reminded me of the Catholic church there, which had services in Polish, Lithuanian and Spanish. I would see the very mixed and very small congregation going in, almost all women, almost all old, and almost all wearing black. The same feeling in your poem, of something slowly dying. The last line is exceptionally strong and beautiful.

  4. Worship in any fashion in whatever manner it is done can be wonderful to behold, with or without a church. Your words certainly bring that back to me.

  5. These lines are like wisps of childhood experiences. They are loaded with more than they tell.

  6. These words defintely transport me to an earlier worship time. Well done, Pamela.

  7. Funny, reading this as the wife of a pastor. I can well understand that feeling of rules on yellowed parchment – no one remembers why they were written. That final line speaks to me of the old church – and believe me, I’m not trying to convert anyone here, because most of our mainline churches are fading, and the megachurches, hell, you need earplugs to get through the MTV presentation!

    A strong write, Pamela, and a stronger read, when read aloud. Amy

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