White Elephant Sale The Sunday Whirl #17

On crumbled walls your paintings hang,
chips in plaster, cool and grey,
nestled in my vintage shop
where I have come to pray

Life became a travelogue
upon your hindered path,
enmeshed in tufts of lace,
now torn apart

On nether grounds you treaded,
sacred daylight in your hair,
flowing wild in lush sporadic gold

Textured in your purple gown
as tremors cursed seditious hands
and crowds swelled pledging loyalty
in stigma overcome …

by memory of your ruffled tear-stained blouse

49 responses to “White Elephant Sale The Sunday Whirl #17

  1. What a collection of images here, Pam. Your poems flow from one scene to another, leaving me speechless at the depth of your art!

  2. You are a poet sublime…such visions and mystery, a person deeply giving and deeply hurt.

  3. Pam,
    Fantastic hold on discipline! That is what I thought one should be when writing from wordles. It presents some restrictions. It is a challenge But you walked us through smoothly and made it look so easy. Brilliant!

  4. Ah, so mysterious and sad, Pam. I loved:
    sacred daylight in your hair,
    flowing wild in lush sporadic gold

    Really enjoyed reading this.

  5. Pamela, The first stanza lilts and the rest delivers lovely images that hint of deeper stories. Beautiful writing. “…as tremors cursed seditious hands” is brilliant. I’m glad you wordle…I’ve missed you the past few weeks as our busy lives buzz by.

  6. You’ve crafted a very distinct picture with your challenge words, and one that stands alone, with fine flavor and imagery, and the rhyme is a bonus. The first stanza sets it all up, and the last line is perfect.

  7. I feel as if I just watched a painting being drawn, with words. Lovely!

  8. Finely crafted and elegant. That last line is just gorgeous.

  9. Wonderful start…

    And beautiful ending…

    hinder the tremors

  10. “Tremors cursed seditious hands,” excellent use of the most difficult word in the dozen today. The final line is heartbreakingly beautiful. A wonderful addition to the Wordles this week, Pamelita! Peace, Amy

  11. I love the lilt and rhythm of your poem, Pamela. Bravo.!

    PS treaded? Tread lightly because you trod on my dreams!

  12. Your words bought pictures with them this week, I loved the imagery and enjoyed your wordle. 🙂

  13. I like the portrait, an intriguing imagery!

  14. Some great imagery here.
    My head was full of pictures after reading this – thank you.

  15. Melancholy and mysterious – it made me want to know more about the person being addressed.

  16. Such detailed imagery is so few words. This is masterful.

  17. This poem, more than others, hints at the storyteller that dwells in your heart, Pamela. Tantalizing bits and pieces, a portrait in small things abandoned for whatever reason. You have an inherent skill for creating lush vivid imagery.


  18. Elizabeth, you always have something nice to say, and I appreciate that.

  19. Your words are always ones to bring me back. Lovely imagery.

  20. A wonderful poem, Pamela, with your usual gorgeous phrasing.

  21. Lovely, Pamela! I especially enjoyed “enmeshed in tufts of lace” and “sacred daylight in your hair,
    flowing wild in lush sporadic gold.” Lush sporadic gold is a gorgeous image!!!

  22. I like the mystery of this with all its images of suggestion. You did a great job with the challenge words. I like you new (?) blog as well–or maybe it is just a different one you have had all along? Anyway good to read your work again.

  23. “sacred daylight in your hair” are magical words. great post! 🙂

  24. Excellent poem. for you didn’t give us all the details.

  25. Pamela, that third stanza is lovely, from the feet to head, from nether to sacred. It made me think of a lost princess. Great use of the wordle words in a wonderful poem.


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