“For the Love of a Nasty Email” dVerse open link #6

When cobblestones fall from the wayside

Looking in rusted reflections,
mirrors crack, smiling, laughing
derisively … to fool

Crystal marbles crushed underfoot …

I was never impressed but found reclaim
in your presence,
like a braid woven too tightly,
splitting fibers turning them into ashes …

my biggest fear now
a vague memory


18 responses to ““For the Love of a Nasty Email” dVerse open link #6

  1. We both mentioned cobblestones this week. Teh synchronicity, it is amazing!

  2. Wonderful word play in this piece, interesting how such fears fade and seem meaningless over time.

  3. Crisp writing, Pamela. You’ve expressed what it’s like to outgrow fears in a few well-chosen words. I especially like the braid simile. Victoria

  4. Tight verses here… I like that our biggest fear is now a vague memory. Time and experience makes a difference.

    I was pondering though on your title… 😉

  5. nice…there will always be critics and naysayer that want to bust your chops…write free…giving in to fear would be far worse…

  6. Pam,
    It is often difficult to erase fears from the sub-concious. When you can do it, it’ll broaden the mind for other beneficial things.

  7. Thankfully, most fears fade with time, Pamela!

  8. People are so liberated to crush via email; much harder face to face. All these similes of broken things, even the braid twisted to ash…yet the last lines still made me smile.

  9. ouch that hurts. loosen that tug. But you wanted me to feel that so it works.

  10. Some things are best let loose… You, my dear, soar above the nastiness with integrity and excellent writing.

  11. Enjoyed this, Pamela. Read it over and over and got into the flow. But it was the opening hook that was the gold touch …

  12. I liked it very much!

  13. I really like the next to the last verse and ending couplet, Pamela.

  14. There are things I fear I will remember no more, or as easily; mostly a loved one. A very moving poem for me.


  15. Very Nice Poetry with an amazing Imagination
    Great Work of Creativity .. Fabulous Write !! 😉

    It was truly enjoyable after reading this one !!

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    !!! Happy Rally !!!
    Cheers !!

  16. Your words take me to other places and then there is the realization that…was it really like I remember? Nicely written.

  17. What a great title for a highly emotion-driven poem.

  18. Thanks for all the lovely comments.

I appreciate all comments.

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