“Bring Freedom Back” We Write Poems #69-Formulaic 3 + (x) = Poem / dVerse Poetry Open Link #7

Seraphs gathering sturdy lines,
interlocked exchanging fears
and desires of love
(circles are formed, embracing life)

Sighing expelling particles of
disbelief; crows in formation
caw appellations of relief
(bind feathers with patterns of serenity)

Cranes hang above the heads of millions,
hoping to be lifted like a soft breeze,
turning each cycle, bringing it closer to an end
(all beginnings are sparkling spouts of water),

released in rushes to cleanse spirits

process notes: I wrote this poem yesterday, and today I was reading an article about the 9/11 memorial and noticed some parallels.
I love the serendipity, so I have decided to dedicate this to the famous landmark that once stood at Ground Zero.


17 responses to ““Bring Freedom Back” We Write Poems #69-Formulaic 3 + (x) = Poem / dVerse Poetry Open Link #7

  1. This was a hard prompt. You did it proud, Pam.

  2. many similarities. a nice reflection on both accounts. thanks for linking up with dverse – hope to see you again soon 🙂

  3. Mystical feel to this one, pamela–not sure what formula you were going for re: your prompt, but you pulled off a very neat poem. I like the parenthetical phrases–they fit like dovetailed planks into the structure of the piece and are extremely beautiful language individually as well. “all beginnings are sparkling spouts of water..” Loved it.

  4. the 3rd stanza is particularly powerful to me…and visual…nice to memorialize it as well…was in the air that day…

  5. Pam,
    A moving piece of an event shrouded with lots of questions and which many are still trying to come to terms with. Beautiful poetry


  6. Wonderful tribute, and very meaningful after reading an interview with the photographer who took the picture of the falling man, who looks at ease with the decision he has made. Like your references to birds in flight, winged and feathered creatures all.


  7. Wonderful reflections… even nicer on the tribute.

  8. Cranes hang above the heads of millions,
    hoping to be lifted like a soft breeze,

    Love those lines!

  9. Oh, Pamela, what a wonderful write – serenity – a beautiful word for a beautiful concept

  10. Really quite breath-taking.

    I too liked the cranes lines.

    I should like to see Ground Zero one day. Our daughter was born on that day.

    Wonderful write.

  11. Such a dreadful day. Full of horror and of heros.
    A hard piece to connect with emotionally but, you have managed that and very gentlty, too.

  12. A soapbox moment: I prefer your conception to what it’s been like lately. Memorial aside, the “Freedom Tower” is rising rapidly, and is already beginning to dominate the skyline. Maybe it’ll be beautiful when it’s completed, but right now it just seems brazen and overblown in terms of a successor to the twin towers. There has been such a variety of art in every medium over the last decade, from the garish and kitschy to the absolutely sublime, but this just (to me) crowds it out entirely. Forget parks, sculptures, etc.: no, they want to overshadow all of that with more office space.

    Sigh. Anyway, I like your vision of it. Here’s my favorite 9/11 memorial, which I walk by most days of the week:

  13. Pamela, I like the wings in the stanzas, and the cranes made me think of a thousand origami cranes, which would grant the maker a wish by a crane – a suitable image/idea for the healing I think many of us desire.


  14. Beautiful words to dedicate to something no one will ever forget.

  15. Pamela your dedication decision is spot on. It makes sense. I agree with Richard’s take on the healing of cranes paralleling the healing of a nation.

  16. Thanks to each and every one of you. This piece ended up being something close to my heart.

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