How I Can Carry Laughter and Smiles Margo Roby:Tuesday Tryouts: Poem on Things Meaningful to You

Waking to sounds of dove tails rushing
above abandoned buildings in
fields of golden-haired corn

Scarecrows guarding mindfully
on journeys to other coasts,
taking all I own … those smiles

Remembering satisfied loneliness,
never left behind in vacancies
rushing down on me … as I sleep
with a moon’s eye watching over me

process notes:
My list is enormous, I would take everything (except maybe the flatware) on a normal move. On the other hand, if it were an emergency, no question and no doubt… I would take my husband and my faithful pets (all six of them). So, therefore, I didn’t go very literal with this prompt. I will carry the smiles and laughter in my heart forever.


16 responses to “How I Can Carry Laughter and Smiles Margo Roby:Tuesday Tryouts: Poem on Things Meaningful to You

  1. I understand and like the process notes, but the poem has left me floundering. Sorry, Pamela. The best bit is the smiles and laughter.

  2. Hearing your first line transported me to your field. Your process speaks my ponderings of this prompt. Once a list is compiled I left it behind- for laughter and smiles. I think this is the first time I have been here- very nice to meet you- teri

  3. Pam,
    A field of golden niceties is how we make it to be.. With your array of goodness by your side, these must impose lots of organizing.


  4. Lovely images, waking a desire for fall in my bones.

  5. Pam, six pets? As a dog lover (who could become a fanatic), I am wondering….what are your SIX pets?

  6. Mary, 4 dogs (two which were homeless) one has been with us for 10 years, a cat and a parrot. I love my pets. 🙂

  7. Your first three lines evoke memories of the diminishing number of family farms. Those abandoned houses and out buildings are the remnants of a time that may be gone. That could be a whole poem in itself.

  8. Thanks Mike. I am not sure if I approached this prompt correctly. I appreciate the thoughtful comment.

  9. Pam: It doesn’t matter whether you approach the prompt “correctly”. There is no “correctly”. There is only the gift of the poem that arrives. Prompts are there as kickstarts. You may leave them far behind 🙂
    Carrying the smiles and laughter is lovely. What more can any of us want. And, I love the way the first and last stanza connect with the word ‘rushing’.


  10. Margo says it perfectly- I love this poem!

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