“As Buildings Crumbled the Trees Cried” The Sunday Whirl #21

Urgent days never make it simple
to remove sentimental notes
from worn-out pockets,
written on paper scraps
searching for reasons,
paper cuts within

The bold once stood where
jets once roared, in jolted dignity
unending, passed before our lives

You woke today to bleeding trees,
cinnabar limbs scraped virid grass,
shattered blades in shades of grey

23 responses to ““As Buildings Crumbled the Trees Cried” The Sunday Whirl #21

  1. Yes, sometimes we search for reasons, but in the end it seems that reasons don’t matter in the midst of ‘shattered blades in shades of grey.’ Good response to the wordle, Pamela.

    • Thanks Mary, I almost included process notes with the post, but I felt that the poem stood on its own (at least it should). I am surprised I have written two 9/11 poems in the past two weeks. Though this poem definitely feels like a draft, something to come back to on another day.

  2. The only reason was and still is, hate and the will to impose misguided beliefs on others whether they wish it, or not. Poignant prose, lovely for its depth but, for such a sad and insane, reason,

  3. I too wrote from 9/11 processing. Strong poem. Your last stanza is especially powerful!

  4. Great title and the ending captures the feeling well, Pamela.

  5. I like your thoughtful poem Pamela. Really good use of the wordle words. Like the first stanza and the paper cuts from sentimental notes in pockets. Your last stanza is simply beautiful.


  6. Well, Elizabeth we know how painful a paper cut can be. As I told Irene, I have thought a lot about the trees in the city this week, not certain exactly why. Thanks 🙂

  7. I loved the last of your piece, such beautiful and sad imagery.

  8. Beautiful, Pamela…I love “bleeding trees”…

  9. This is a really beautiful piece of writing Pamela, you used the wordle words to really good effect in this poignant and vivid piece.

  10. This is an extremely powerful piece, Pamela. The last three lines caught in my throat.

  11. Love it, especially the first few lines

  12. Beautifully written, Pamela. Your last stanza is spectacular: “You woke today to bleeding trees,
    cinnabar limbs scraped virid grass, shattered blades in shades of grey.”

  13. Pamela, that first stanza is such a powerful reminder of what we need to remember, even on those “urgent days”, when it might help us most to read those “sentimental notes”.


  14. You appear to be very expert within the way you write.

  15. Ha! I came and “liked” this, then disappeared on you. Something about your piece made my server die… (I joke!), but it did go down between me liking your piece and leaving a comment. It’s “the paper cuts within” that stuck with me this week–incredible phrasing….and ouch. I thought about it when I used my guillotine paper cutter in my classroom.

  16. Susannah, Kerry, Marianne, Richard, Mad, Cathy and Brenda thank you all for the lovely comments 🙂

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