Independence Day Brings Out Some Losers The Sunday Whirl #22

His sheep follow with verve
down a desperate corridor,
yearning for a glimpse into
an opal mirror

Thrusting crooked fingertips
at anxious crowds, with threaded
motions crossing nightlines of
unspoken omens

Raw and bitter lips strengthen
the muse in a cacophony
from a shirt worn in harshness

process notes: yesterday I ventured on my own for the normal market day. This was inspired by a man I encountered. I was taken aback, it is not normal for my neighborhood.

27 responses to “Independence Day Brings Out Some Losers The Sunday Whirl #22

  1. I like this, Pamela. So many images connected in interesting ways!

  2. Pamela, how true! In a land of affluence there are still the destitutes and homeless.


    • Hank, I don’t think this guy was homeless. Only still celebrating from Thursday, which was the beginning of Independence day. Mexico doesn’t have a problem with homeless folk. He clearly had influenced others to join his partying. What I was taken aback by was the invitation for me to join them in their beer swilling. My husband was at home sick with the flu, and I felt somewhat intimidated. I declined the invite in the most polite manner. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the landscape of your day with us, Pamela. The last stanza rings strong.

  4. ‘a shirt worn in harshness’ … I loved that!

  5. Pamela, I like the alliteration of crooked, crowds, and crossing – and the isolation of images to fingertips and lips.


  6. “Thrusting crooked fingertips
    at anxious crowds”
    What an image!

    This is full of interesting imagery Pamela.

  7. Would that be a hair shirt? Nice job!

  8. Wow so much said in those few well chosen words and great use of the prompt too.
    These people can be intimidating, at least he inspired you 🙂

  9. Your images are always spectacular, Pamela! “A shirt worn in harshness” is brilliant!

  10. The shirt spoke to me too. A well drawn out portrait, Pamela. Hope you enjoyed market day!

  11. The opening stanza is like an invitation to read the poem. I really like it. I would have felt intimidated, too.

  12. Bullies, especially when they come in the form of strangers, are always hard to deal with. They always have a hidden agenda and that is intimidating. Glad the wordle words helped you resolve it to some extent.


  13. Pam,
    I just discovered your comments of Sept 08, at my posting recounting the Kelantan River Expedition ( In the Nick of Time 2) Glad you liked it. I made the link but didn’t check earlier for responses. Apologies for my late acknowledgement, and thank you so much for visiting!


  14. Great recounting of a disturbing encounter. I’m glad it didn’t turn out badly for you.

  15. I find people to be so very interesting and you have brought this man to life with your words here.

  16. Great poem, curious, did you tell hubby about the encounter ?

  17. Raw and bitter lips strengthen
    the muse

    Love that line!

  18. Thanks for all the nice comments. Yes, Cathy, I told him and he thought I handled the situation correctly. This happened about 2 blocks from our house. I do the majority of shopping within 2-3 blocks of our home. Butcher, green grocer and dry goods, it is a quiet neighborhood with mostly children playing in the streets. This guy was outside the taco stand round the corner from our house. He had managed to recruit the local pharmacist and some other men to join in on the drinking.

  19. A special Happy Birthday to my favorite person!

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