“Materfamilias” Margo Roby Tuesday Tryouts: A Genealogy Poem

She walks in green fields, pulsing
beneath her feet, with memories
left in breathing hills, as granite
high crosses hold gods

Praying to the sun as brilliant
rays dash her cheeks,
grabbing wind on fingertips

Chanting in harmonious rhythm …
may water sustain life’s vessel,
as the moon guides the night

Lily bells fall on extended palms,
receiving lightness from dark

process notes:
In memory of my Celtic maternal grandmother Anna Fitzpatrick.


8 responses to ““Materfamilias” Margo Roby Tuesday Tryouts: A Genealogy Poem

  1. I love ‘receiving light from dark.’ She must have been a special person!

  2. Fascinating, gentle and kind. She was born on leap year, so no-one knew her exact age 🙂 Her favourite holiday was May day or flag pole day, which I always found intriguing. She also read tea leaves, hum?

  3. You have caught the Celtic mystic quality beautifully.

  4. Pam,
    Fascinating! The Celtic charms showing in memorable takes from you as always.


  5. What lovely imagery, Pamela. I get a sense not of just her, but the whole scene, particularly the mood. Makes me want to be there with her


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