“Blairstown” We Write Poems #73-I smell poem pie!/ Margo Roby:Tuesday Tryouts; A Poem on Then and Now

French soap swirls in rooms, capturing
dew-laden morning; outside the window
a doe nibbles crimson apples, painted on
an evergreen landscape

China clinks while coffee’s aroma hangs
on daybreak’s waking, bees swarming
on honeysuckles sweetness and berries
clinging to the vine, summertime mountains


23 responses to ““Blairstown” We Write Poems #73-I smell poem pie!/ Margo Roby:Tuesday Tryouts; A Poem on Then and Now

  1. I like the combination of smell and sound and love the line, ‘coffee’s aroma hangs/on daybreak’s waking’. Nice one, Pamela.

    • Thanks Margo. This is about my aunt’s vacation home in New Jersey. I used to go stay with her two weeks every summer when I was growing up. She used French soap, and how I loved the smell of it. She would wake me early in the morning to watch the deer eating apples on the trees in her yard. I have the best memories of my time spent with her. Berry picking, horseback riding… 🙂

  2. outside the window
    a doe nibbles crimson apples

    Lovely! Lovely! The whole thing is so evocative and rich.

  3. Ah, such beautiful images here. Imagining just the scent of “French soap” makes me feel good!

  4. Pam,
    The ambiance of a starting a new morning, of coffee smoke swirling and aroma filling the room – so realistically shown. Beautiful verse!


  5. What a scent-filled romantic scene. I’d love to be sitting there looking, smelling and tasting that. Thank you so much for participating in this prompt.

  6. Love this, all the images. Beautiful!

  7. A lush feeling!

  8. I always arise just before dawn so that I can watch the morning creep over the hills. This poem reminded me of my mornings especially; “coffee’s aroma hangs on daybreak’s waking.” I grind my own and find magic in the scent of it brewing. Thanks for a delightfully scented poem.

  9. The very sweetness of your words is enticing.

  10. This is wonderful, Pamela. It makes me wish I had time for Margo’s prompts. I always learn so much from her. Coffee will always pull me in. LoL

  11. Actually it’s a combination of prompts, Brenda. Though, admittedly, Margo’s gave me the real initiative to write. She is a great teacher. Thanks.


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