“Outside the City” Margo Roby: Tuesday Tryouts, A Haibun

The market breathes life with gladiolas, sunflowers,
carnations, as baby’s breath embraces every row.
Nestled close, three woman chat and laugh,
fingers busy at needlepoint, sewing rainbow colours deep into the cloth. Tarps and makeshift frames amaze in vibrant artisanal wares.
My bus ascends the highway, lined with untrimmed fields,
wildflowers of goldenrod, violet and white, swaying lazy in the sun.
Cornfields harvested, piles stacked in teepees, goats and sheep
grazing morning grass. In soft repose an effigy, carved upon an aged elm, whispers reassurances of memories by this road.

Dear Guadalupe
watch over our roses
as your robes unfurl

Process notes: This is a scene on my way to work a couple of times a week (it’s two hours one way). Completely different from what I see on a normal day, and it never ceases to amaze me. Tuesday at a stop I noticed an image of the Virgin Mary carved into an elm, with beautiful roses gathered at her feet. Just gorgeous.


8 responses to ““Outside the City” Margo Roby: Tuesday Tryouts, A Haibun

  1. You created a beautiful scene here, Pam. I love the Haibun form!

  2. Pamela, this is just gorgeous: the haibun form suits your style beautifully.

  3. Pam, If you have to travel long distance with these scenery around you, the time taken would just pass you by. It would make it appear to be even less strenuous. Excellent verse!


  4. The landscape comes alive with your prose, and the accompanying haiku is perfectly oblique! Very nicely done. I really like this form, and I agree with Viv, this suits you.

  5. Nan is right. I read the haiku and an Ahh! escaped me. It is gorgeous. I like the leadin, but the haiku, Pamela, makes it special. I hope you write more haibun.


  6. Gorgeous haiku; it’s perfect in the haibun.

  7. Beautiful poetry, your poetic eye is so observant.

  8. I love the visual this gives of the people and scenery as you see it and have shared it here. Beautiful!

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