At 5:00 a.m. The Sunday Whirl #26

I wake to days covered in a sleeping veil,
no sounds except my feet crossing stone tiles,

imagining people safe, encapsulated in reclining
dreams, travelling infinite hoops of horizons

Coffee’s steam clouds, morning news in a world of
conflict, cause and little forgiveness where bullets fly …

bursting skin, leaving broken lives gathered
at shallow graves … as tears stain tender cheeks

The world is peaceful now with day’s opening
eyes revealing pink-hued clouds leading to blue skies

Church bells dancing upon the hour; its steeple
contains shoulders slumped in prayer as
people drop to their knees, never toppling in belief

Process notes: I wrote this based on an event that took place in our neighbourhood last Saturday. I promised myself not to write about it, but we know how that goes…
The rotisserie chicken store had an assault at one in the afternoon, while I was teaching a class at my home. The young man was shot twice in the leg. I found out yesterday he was operated on, my thoughts are with him and his family. The world has become a scary place, indeed.


32 responses to “At 5:00 a.m. The Sunday Whirl #26

  1. Ah yes, Pamela, the world has become a scary place. I hope the young man will be okay.

  2. Scary indeed. I can barely stand the news, and I write Political Satire. 🙂

  3. It’s when crime is local that you realise how scary the world has become.
    Interesting theme to have come from those Wordle words.

    • Viv, this happened only a half a block from our house. I was completely shocked, and yes a bit frightened. The woman at the local green grocer said the two men walked right by her place, with the gun out in plain sight. Random violence? I hope so. Or is it the scope of worse things yet to come? This is a quiet and family-oriented neighbourhood, kids play soccer in the street in front of my house. God help us.

  4. Horribly shocking and outrageous when tragedy and violence are this close to home. Well written and powerful wordle, Pamela.

  5. For a poem that starts in a veil, there is a tremendous amount of colour in the images. Nice one, Pamela.

  6. It’s always been a scary place and, it’s not going to get any better. We’ve all too swiftly become a divided world. There are now two groups, the have’s and the have nots.
    Such a shame that this was so close to home too, makes it even worse for your peace of mind.
    Nicely wordled.

    • ddt, yes, it left me feeling quite vulnerable. Considering this neighbourhood is the last place I would expect something like this to happen. In bold daylight on a Saturday afternoon. Walking around with a gun out in the open. Mind boggling.

  7. Pamela- Yes, the world has become a scary place. I love this line b/c it promises each new day a new beginning:

    The world is peaceful now with day’s opening
    eyes revealing pink-hued clouds leading to blue skies

  8. Pamela, thanks for this beautiful poem. Events like this are scary, but I agree with Laurie’s comment. Did you know that violent crime rates are actually going down? Not to minimize or invalidate your feelings – just want to give you another perspective to think about.

  9. Pamela, the ending of your poem is a powerful reminder of how we must deal with events like the one to which you are responding. Our beliefs in the the goodness of people must not topple, even when we are confronted with the opposite. The world can be a scary place, but it can be beautiful and peaceful too. A strong write; thank you for sharing. I, too, hope that young man will be okay.


  10. I too liked the ending. The poem is mixed with violence and beauty.

  11. The most powerful poems come from our experiences so, yes, it was frightening, but you got an excellent poem from it. A true writer!

  12. This poem kinda hits hard but is so beautifully written..

    hanging my head

  13. I’m so sorry that happened close to your home, and I pray for that young man’s complete and rapid recovery. Your poem is an effective study in contrasts between what we’d like the world to be and what all too often actually is, and that last line says it all. To borrow from a song I’ve been hearing a lot lately (“Courageous” by Casting Crowns, the theme song to the movie of the same name): “The only way we’ll ever stand/is on our knees with lifted hands/Make us courageous/Lord, make us courageous.”

  14. Traci, living in Mexico, religion is a key element here. The people do not under any circumstances, sway in their beliefs. I was raised Catholic, but after leaving home never adhered to any organized religion. Though, I certainly do not deny others their belief. We live one block from a church, and I love sound of the bells early in the morning. There is a mass every day at 5am. Thanks.

  15. Good to be at your blog again. I lost you for a while. Anyway I really like the mood this poem conveys, peacefulness and hope despite a horrific event.

  16. Whatever else life gives to us there is always hope in something, whatever that might be, to carry us through. I like this one alot, Pamela.

  17. Excellent write, Pamela. The wordle words disappeared in your piece, which provides a glimpse beneath the veneer of safety that covers our lives. Anything can happen anywhere, and people say, “I never thought it would happen to me,” or “not in my neighborhood.” It’s out there, that big scary world. I hope the young man is on the mend, and I hope that you can find a feeling of safety in broad daylight, in your own neighborhood.

    I love that your piece turns around to a beautiful morning. I like the repetition of eee in the last stanza. My favorite phrasing
    “travelling infinite hoops of horizons.”

    Thank you for breaking your promise to yourself, and letting this piece flow.

    • Thanks Brenda, it was shocking, and the fact it happened so close to our home made it worse. The early morning hours have a blanket of safety round them, that I seem to appreciate more as I have gotten older.

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