“Faithful Soldier Promised to No-one” The Sunday Whirl #27

He sleeps beneath green rolling hills,
clouds of white daisies in spring,
his casket’s rusted-out hinges,
ragged old pine worn with time

A grey uniform stretched on
his frame, its creases straightened
on lost edges in vivid dreams

He marches on broken blades through cold
winter nights, crossing weak bridges,
dragging glazed, cold steel at his side,

carrying proud flags in nightmares
of frozen fields, beginnings of
cradled lost friends’ bodies

He hears muffled weeping as she
nods at the grave, placing fresh-cut
flowers and a golden ring


15 responses to ““Faithful Soldier Promised to No-one” The Sunday Whirl #27

  1. You used the wordle words to very good effect in this sad tale Pamela. Well done.

  2. A sad tale very well told.
    Great use of the wordle words.

  3. Tragic story well woven, Pamela. Well wordled.

  4. Well written, Pamela; you captured the sadness of the soldier’s death and his loved one’s grief so well.

  5. Oh so very touching, Pamela… beautiful.

  6. Poignant and touching poem, Pamela, beautifully told. Reminds me of the song, Danny Boy.

  7. I like this very much. The visual of the final resting place, the passage of time rusting the hinges; and yet, she still comes. A touching poem of honorable, undying love.

  8. There is really no winner in war, is there? Apart from the arms dealers.
    Sad, but so real in its honesty of the weeping ones left behind.

  9. Excellent weaving of the words through the moving narrative, couldn’t even tell that it was a Wordle. That image of marching on broken blades stands out especially.

  10. I love the depiction of faithful devotion and honor of the one he left behind.

    Here’s my wordle: http://whenwordsescape.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/meadowlands/


  11. Poignant how you tell the story.

  12. your words bring us there, sad and hopeful,

    skillful write.


  13. Sad, touching, and so true in so many lives. My oldest went overseas too many times and not the same since coming home. He is, we say, at least alive…but how much?

  14. Pamela, this is so sad. The images are strong, and the story is unfortunate, and likely true. Powerful write. Sorry it took me so long to get here…

    A friend’s son came home changed. He is a good person, but he is not the same person. How can anyone be after experiencing battle?

  15. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. For some reason these words brought the image of a civil war solider to mind.

I appreciate all comments.

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