“Waiting for Sleep” Poem-a-day November 1st-Procrastination

A train travelling in the evening …
I wanted to board as it disappeared
beneath hills and tunnels

I waited too long in my dreamscape
as it passed;

the ticket was lifted by strong winds,
turning it to dust, disappearing in
the night missing French cigarettes and Cabernet


10 responses to ““Waiting for Sleep” Poem-a-day November 1st-Procrastination

  1. I like the idea of procrastinating by dreaming.

  2. Viv, dreaming sometimes keeps me from waking. I love a good dream…

  3. Pam,
    Yes, it’s good to dream as the thoughts may touch on something that missed our attention while awake. The sub-conscious contributing from out of the box.
    Excellent take!


  4. So glad to see you in the challenge. I really enjoy working with dreams, they often do suggest other perspectives and sometimes even different actions.


  5. Elizabeth, I am going with a French theme this time round. I know loads of folk who speak French here.

  6. This really reminds me of the scene from Polar Express where a ticket blows away and the young boy has to climb on top of the train car to retrieve it. A nice write.

  7. Sometimes I get into a dream state and it’s hard to leave… even though I want to wake up and jot notes. Your use of the train as a metaphor for “things passing up” is perfect. Loved this, Pamela. Peace, Amy

  8. Thanks Amy. Are you participating in PAD as well? I have to take time to get over to your blog this evening. I am already two prompts behind.

I appreciate all comments.

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