Do all the Bus Trips have to be Surreal? The Sunday Whirl #29

Fans twirl and pleated skirts seem to
swish on a poster hanging above me

as a young girl enters, piercing my
daydreaming path, begging for attention,
revolving and reigniting in delirium

Thin air emits heat, I take a deep breath,
slicing through segments of this shelled diagram,

preferring to watch dappled birds,
strident in their pitch

* I am also posting this to PAD #6, it seems to fit…


14 responses to “Do all the Bus Trips have to be Surreal? The Sunday Whirl #29

  1. It is always a fascinating experience to watch people on a bus, as well as watch the scenery as it passes by outside. And, yes, I have been on surreal bus rides too. (Some in Mexico!)

  2. Brilliant poem, Pamela! I have not ridden on a city bus in years but I remember that a bus ride was always an excellent place for people watching. I have seen some deliciously eccentric people on buses!

  3. I agree, public buses are a fantastic place for people watching. Haven’t ridden one in years, but your poem brought back memories, and images from those long ago experiences. Thank you Pamela, and great to see you use both prompts together. It isn’t easy, is it?


  4. A delicious slice of day dreaming on bus, Pamela.

  5. People watching is something best done with an exit plan. With some of the eccentric behavior displayed now days, one must be careful.

  6. Ah, bus trips where you live, Pamelita… I remember similar trips in San Juan and Bayamon. The cool thing is that, even though you experienced discomfort, a poem came out of it. And isn’t that always the way?
    Paz, Amy

  7. Pamela, I love this piece. It felt so familiar as I read it, and I wondered if I’d stumbled upon something older of yours. Your poet’s voice resonates through these words. In this piece, it evokes maturity, almost disdaining youth, tired of it…preferring instead, “the birds / strident in their pitch.” Exquisite final couplet.

  8. Brenda, I was staring out the window most of the time. The bus was crowded and it was stuffy and uncomfortable for me. Thanks.

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