“Certain Nightmares” Poem-a-day November 4th – unexpected

Signing names on a list as
hundreds waited,
laughter and arguments
as hysterical voices grew

Waiting patiently,
watching the clock’s
hands do a familiar dance

Four men approached:
demitasse cups with
filtered blue water

A big man called my name,
following him down a dank path,
dirt fell away,
trying to keep my balance

to a room with no air;
in the corner on my left,
a leering man stood
with his smiling German Shepherd;
I was there to buy your box


8 responses to ““Certain Nightmares” Poem-a-day November 4th – unexpected

  1. You’ve caught the zany illogicality of nightmares here. I like the way you’ve left it in the air, as nightmares so often do. On waking, I struggle to keep the thread, to see if it can be disentangled.

  2. You have captured the nightmare artistically and vividly, Pamela.

  3. Mary, it must have been the spicy food, I ate late the night before 🙂

  4. I want to know…box of what?
    Sometimes it is annoying if we can’t remember all that we’ve dreamed about and really want to! LOL
    Nicely penned though and thank you so much for the lovely comment today.

  5. ddt, well it was a coffin, and I am not sure why I would have a nightmare about going to a warehouse to buy anyone a coffin. There were so many odd things happening, stray dogs running round etc…

  6. Nightmares can be quirky things. I have them with people I don’t know and those I do that I’m not even close to. They just seem to pop up! You dream sounds a bit spooky.

  7. Renee, I rarely have nightmares, but when I do, they are loco.

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