The Princess or The Lady Poem-a-day November 9th; blank or blank

The warrior with his icy crown kneels beside
the sleeping lady, guarding her recline in dreamless
nights filled with brilliant stars, as clouds
rest lightly on her bosom; he breathes; smoke rises

The princess watches from her treasonous stance,
darkened by jealousy, frost-bitten lips pursed in disdain
Rocks slide away from ridged shoulders, patiently
awaiting her lover’s return

Some background to this poem: It is about the three volcanoes here. The warrior is Popocatépetl, the sleeping lady is Iztaccíhuatl, and la Malinche is the princess who betrayed the Aztecs to Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro. Popocatépetl remains an active volcano, while Iztaccíhuatl and La Malinche are not. You can find lots of information on Wikipedia about the history and legends about them.


8 responses to “The Princess or The Lady Poem-a-day November 9th; blank or blank

  1. Interesting mythology and metaphor here. I love the use of cold language.

  2. I love how you personified these volcanoes, Pamela. And your explanation of them was fascinating.

  3. Pam,
    Interesting! If not for a personal touch, the three are just as any other. Your bringing them in here is all the richer for us.


  4. What a wonderful story about these volcanoes and some history I would never have known and it makes your post all the more a well done write. Thank You!

  5. Renee, I love the history behind them. It is fascinating.

I appreciate all comments.

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