“Carla is Cleaning the Pathway” The Sunday Whirl #30

Swiveling on her hips, remaining balanced,
an eloquent girl in a coral-coloured dress

Pointing her finger toward the sun, summoning
strength where safety hides beneath a motionless day

She covets beehives, collecting honey
for tomorrow, rapidly moving into view


8 responses to ““Carla is Cleaning the Pathway” The Sunday Whirl #30

  1. I like this very much Pamela. It has a simplicity that covers a depth of story that I sense hiding behind the words. I loved “She covets beehives.” 🙂

  2. Eloquent in its brevity.

  3. I love this wordle, Pamela! You have woven the words together beautifully. Every line is spectacular!!!

  4. Wow, I can’t believe how you seemed to squeeze all those challenging words into something so brief, yet substantial!

  5. I like the story you have woven with these words. Impressive wordling, Pamela.

  6. Pamelita, I must repeat Mary: “The story you have woven.” I am especially fond of bees – we gift a family in an impoverished country every year, through Heifer.org, with a beehive plus all the equipment and training to sustain their own “bee business.” So the coveting of beehives made me smile a BIIIIIG smile! Amy
    This really goes with yours:

  7. This made me go “wow”!

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