“Our Planet, Your Planet, A Lost Planet” The Sunday Whirl #31/ November Poem-a-day #11-suspicious

He is suspicious, oblivious of his surroundings,
walking through a trapped existence
Toxic fires reaching the sky,
their sparks are ember-coloured hues,

He never sees ice any longer,
Forgotten, melting diamond-shaped
pyramids drowned in silence;
he pries into vapid earth

Yet, here he stood, “in the near field,
a stylish horse with one leg raised”
… as I watched bemused,
scraping burnt earth into my dinner bowl,
and ruminating on this sour existence

Process notes: I am very late getting this posted and won’t make it round to other poems this evening. This is a partial old poem (last stanza) and the wordle words, first two stanzas. The quote is from a poem by Norman Dube. I am posting this to the Sunday wordle and PAD “suspicious”.


15 responses to ““Our Planet, Your Planet, A Lost Planet” The Sunday Whirl #31/ November Poem-a-day #11-suspicious

  1. Inevitably, given some of the wordle words, some rather doom-laden poems this week, but yours touches those raw places..

  2. It seems that ruminating is all we do as our planet dies.

  3. Very well wordled. I agree with Tilly about ruminating.

  4. Lovely! Thanks for you comment today too. Very nice of you.

  5. An effective and vivid poem, Pamela. I was surprised by the last verse.

  6. I like how you put this together. Goes well with your already written last stanza. Quite a stark image here and vivid.

  7. I like the dog photo, by the way. Are these dogs you know?

  8. Bleak and somber piece, Pamela .. and right on!

  9. A subtle play on a dying planet, and man at the centre. Pamela.

  10. Wonderful write, as usual Pamela. You are not alone at being behind, way too many distractions and other activities. We will continue to do our best though, won’t we?


  11. Thanks for the nice comments 🙂

  12. your words inspire,

    love it very much.


  13. Oh my goodness. This is rich, Pamela. The last two lines set a haunting scene. Excellent contribution, and it fits well in the cold landscape of Montana today. I hope you enjoyed time with family this week.

  14. Thanks morning. Brenda, it was just me and my husband, and of course the animals 🙂 Thanks.

I appreciate all comments.

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