“Travelling Shoes, Aren’t Moving” November # 23 Poem-a-day; travelling

Old black leather shoes, worn, abandoned,
make me think about where you’ve been

Sitting in a vacant, treeless field;
like an empty part of someone’s life

Have rains fallen on you,
and cold nights left you lonely?

Imagining you’ve walked on uneven
dirty roads, asphalt embedded in your
soles, ground in with time, pebbles biting

Your confinement pushed them too far;
you look forlorn in an unsacred resting place

Old black shoes, watching me walk by

Process notes: True story about a pair of old black shoes, I saw on my walk through the city Wednesday. I wondered why someone left them in that empty field. Surely, they deserved a better burial. 🙂


7 responses to ““Travelling Shoes, Aren’t Moving” November # 23 Poem-a-day; travelling

  1. An interesting approach, Pam. I think there are poems to be found everywhere in things that one comes upon in unusual places. Yes, I am sure the shoes deserved more than to be left there. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. Wonder if you celebrated there as well?

  2. Pam,
    Everyday happenings tell a story. I wonder what the shoes would tell after being shown such indignity! It only it could speak! Happy Thanksgiving Ma’am!


  3. nice…i like poems like this…taking something ordinary and giving them signifigance…

  4. Shoes, time to go shopping, for shoes. Never abandon my shoes. 🙂 Those shoes have soul.

  5. Thanks for the nice wishes, Mary and Hank. Those shoes seemed so lonely 😦

  6. Thanks for visiting, Brian. I haven’t seen you in awhile. I hope all is well with you.

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