“Past is Present” “We Write Poems” #82-word relationship pairs

He’s lost color and fairness
where innocence gathering is
laid to never revive, stretching
bands of reality into his

old oaken limbs … splintered
beyond repair, sadness pretends
to comprehend, and hides its ugly
shadows on youthfulness with

a soothing voice … its falseness
spreads a thick, opaque membrane,
like a hobbyhorse left out in
a violent storm

Process notes:
My word combinations were;
color gathering
oak limb
voice membrane


11 responses to ““Past is Present” “We Write Poems” #82-word relationship pairs

  1. Well done. I found this one particularly difficult!

  2. Thanks Viv, I did have one other set of pairs, but that poem turned out awful.;)

  3. Nicely done. What struck me about this poem were two things: 1) how the way you used the words seemed natural and unforced, and 2) the enjambment at the end of your stanzas: it’s interesting how one stanza almost “pours” into the next but yet there is that moment of hesitation or space between the two. Which can be as jarring as the aging process itself.


  4. your word combos worked well Pam…Bravo…I am not only reluctant to explain…I refuse to explain my words…

  5. Love your combinations of words, Pamela. I, too, have been trying to come up with a bit different takes on words. Not always easy as I am tired most of the time and my brain cells resist.

  6. There’s an ethereal sadness in the piece, Pamela, with much unsaid.

  7. Irene, there is a sadness to this, agreed. Thanks for commenting.

I appreciate all comments.

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