“Memories in a Worn Briefcase” We Write Poems #83-all good things

Contours, skating rinks, twirl repetitions,
icy glints in frosty breaths; music plays in
treble clefs, en l’air candy-coloured lights
suspend above our laughter

Mountainsides of hazy skies, smoke – a
seasoned calumet; plumes arise in
circle patterns, enfolding trees to sunrise cloak,
softened feathers nestle terra, hoping for
a glance

Beginnings halted fill my briefcase
with firelight myths of Aztec gods

Process notes: A calumet is a ceremonial “peace pipe” smoked by some Native American tribes.


16 responses to ““Memories in a Worn Briefcase” We Write Poems #83-all good things

  1. Pam,
    Great write! I get the impression they’re all gathered around a small fire. They are smoking the ‘peace’ pipe and plumes of smoke were slowly swirling into the night sky! They still do that?


  2. You have created the atmosphere with sensitivity. Bravo.

  3. Once again, you have made me homesick for Mexico!

  4. Beautiful and musically written!

  5. I see so many contrasts between the first and second stanza… the gentle fiery light of the Christmas lights in the first stanza with the large smoke plumes signaling the grand fire of a possible eruption in the second…the ice and winter in the first with the haze, smoke, and threat of fire in the second.,,some great imagery here.


  6. What a wonderful setting you’ve described and the ending couplet is smoky with desire.

  7. Pam- I love the internal rhyme throughout this upbeat poem… thank you!

  8. I appreciate all the nice comments. Though, I rarely like explaining what I write. This poem is about living in the US. The first stanza is set in NY, where I grew up, and the second is about the time I lived in the Great Smoky Mountains. The last couplet is in reference to living in Mexico. My life thus far has been a wonderful collection of memories (good and bad),

  9. nice one Pam…..wherever you have lived….and are living…always great just “LIVING”

  10. You are darn right about that, Wayne. Cheers!

  11. “Firelight myths of Aztec gods” – your words make me homesick for the Mexico we so often visited. I also miss my regular interaction with your blog. It seems we don’t so often frequent the same sites anymore, and I miss that.

  12. Oh, Mary, it’s a matter of time for me right now. I also miss our interactions, if I am lucky, usually, it’s two prompts. I am always on the Sunday Whirl, though 🙂 I do miss Poets United, but can never seem to find the time anymore. Maybe the next year will find some freedom for me.

  13. Pamela, I hope so. I am glad we can generally ‘meet’ each other on the Sunday Whirl…..and today I ‘met’ you on Margo Roby’s site. You are one of my favorite people. DO know that.

  14. I love this, Pamela. Yes, I am a trifle late 😉 but am still catching up on posts and emails!


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