“The Opposite of Me” Margo Roby: Tuesday Tryouts-Word Painting from Paintings

"Chop-suey " by Hopper

I am cerulean, shades, sadness, grey,
to a chartreuse frame with ivory
skin in our ochre, tinted backdrop,
reflecting her rounded shoulders

She’s demure, observant of my
nervous hands, resting on a smooth,
white surface; her ruby lips never move,
staring dark eyes trail my words

Process notes: Some art scholars thought this painting indicated that the woman we can see is sitting across from her doppelgänger. I wrote from this point of view.


14 responses to ““The Opposite of Me” Margo Roby: Tuesday Tryouts-Word Painting from Paintings

  1. I love your interpretation of the painting – brilliantly done.

  2. Love this, Pamela! I love how you have written this as a reflection and through the colours.

  3. Thanks Margo 🙂 the colours spoke to me in this painting. The thought of a doppelgänger has always intrigued me.

  4. I love the word cerulean – so that fist line drew me right in. I have not taken the time to do this prompt but I do enjoy seeing what you have done with it,

  5. Pam,
    If you can interpret well, you can draw too, right?


  6. Hank, I majored in the arts. I have a BFA. Though, it seems lately that degree does me little good. However, drawing and painting will remain my first passions.

  7. Pamela, I finally wrote in response to Margo’s prompt, and I too chose “Chop Suey.” I found your interpretation, your poem, very interesting in regard to the woman sitting across from her doppelganger. I am glad I wrote my poem first. LOL. Entering late on the scene, this is waht I came up with: http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/2011/12/chop-suey.html

  8. I liked your poem, Mary. Nice to see you over at Margo’s.

  9. I am struck by the colors and the second stanza is a wonderful study of gestures.

  10. The way you use colors as descriptons paints a picture. Wonderful!

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