“Between Us” We Write Poems #84-Window Faces

Not much worries me anymore,
since they destroyed the chapel’s
view, covering it in molten clay …
a feeling of disparity: its absence
Trees hang in leafless silence;
cold takes in urban streets

Abbie told me this might happen
It’s my walled up thoughts;
sitting on a mattress of stone,
once we exchanged apposite views
Passing out ideas like licorice,
ingested but never truly understood

*I saw the face of Abbie Hoffman, (strange, I know).


10 responses to ““Between Us” We Write Poems #84-Window Faces

  1. Okay, what are you smoking out there, pamela? And I say that with great affection 🙂
    I think it is wonderful that Abbie Hoffman visited you. I love the phrase ‘mattress of stone’ and the simile ‘ideas like licorice,
    ingested but never truly understood’ — that is great.


  2. Lol! Margo, you must know I would never do anything like that, 😉
    Thanks for the nice comment. I will be round later to read.

  3. My goodness Pamela, what a titillating group of verses. And the word, ‘apposite’, I do not believe I have ever seen this in a poem, magnificent. If I was asked I could I can pull up an image of ole fuzz head, but do not believe our conversation or views would be apposite, and if one did not agree with him Abbie was want to rant. Thanks for a trip back in time, I know that old mattress well.

  4. Thanks Donald, I love the word “apposite” also. As for whether I would agree with Abbie, that is an entirely different subject 🙂

  5. now I know Abbie would not have smoked anything illegal…your words took me back….just as my mind does time to time…..thanks for sharing…..hmmm you saw Abbie….I saw Mark Rothko bleeding….love it

  6. I think I would find Abbie intriguing but wonder how a conversation with him would turn out…the die-hard brash leftist activist versus the stubborn Asperger set in her views. I wonder how long it could go on 🙂

    The tone of your poem is very saturated and reflective of the cold and gray feel of the reflection of the tree and the chapel, which you then connect to the coldness of the streets in the other reflection. I like where you went with the prompt this week.


  7. I imagine it would be a rigorous conversation, Nicole. 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment.

  8. I’m loving the emotional range of responses to this prompt, and this poem too, it does not lack. The emotional edge of this poem I like very much. Abbie Hoffman? Not in a hundred years would I guess! But that too I adore, the vision you found and allowed to be. Just exactly right, and good to read Pamela. Thanks.


  9. Thanks Neil, Abbie is the first face I saw there, and went with it.

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