“I Have Been Told The Wildflowers Grow”

Wilted flowers fill corridors;
hospitals are cold and detached,
an antiseptic edge on warm, sunny days

I didn’t understand, its sadness too
close. Don’t flowers bloom in spring?
Watching them walk away hand-in-hand, I cried

A resolute woman said “They’ve died,”
as crimson flowed through fertile foliage,
exploding into exotic, toxic blooms

Non-existent neon float —
my sleep was vacancy for dreaming,
as the IV continued to drip

Process notes: This is not a prompted poem, it is simply a poem.


4 responses to ““I Have Been Told The Wildflowers Grow”

  1. Wow, Pamela. Flowers in hospitals do have a sadness about them, for sure. i guess this triggers my own memories when flowers triggered false hope. Perhaps false hope is better than no hope for a time. Sometimes it is nice to write a poem from no prompt…just because one feels. Thank you for sharing this one.

  2. Thanks Mary, this is still a work in progress poem, it needs some fine tuning, but for now I am going to leave it be. There are parts that need to be removed or changed, and right now it is bugging me. I have learnt to leave a piece be when this happens.

  3. Pam,
    Not a prompted one but it flows smooth and nice. Needs tending to? I thought it’s very good as it is. I suppose it’s the poet that wants to, changing or amending. Great verse Ma’am!


  4. Thanks Hank,but it has some troubled spots. I will get to it some other time.

I appreciate all comments.

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