“A Block Away”

She’s Coppelia ice cream, scooped in
rich servings, all flavours I’ve ever imagined

A strong frame, now slower from time,
it has dignity; pink shawl drapes, squared shoulders
over a polyester floral dress and trousers

Her gaze deep and brown, following bookshelves
in our shared space, pressing a sun-weathered finger,
the length of famous stories, leaders from her past

People remembered in colourful allure:
berets, liberty, vintage cars and street banter,
crowds cheering in her smile

Salsa echoes atmosphere; tapping her foot,
my bookstore companion keeps time in rhythm

At the register, a shopkeeper reclines
behind blue cigar smoke, nodding approval,
as she reaches for her life’s poems

Process notes: I saw this woman and took her to the Cuban bookstore downtown…


6 responses to ““A Block Away”

  1. A lovely poem, Pamela. I am sure the woman appreciated your helpfulness. So many words on those bookshelves!

  2. Pam,
    How very nice of you. She may not have got such friendly gestures for a long time. Others view giving some money as ‘help’ but your gesture is more meaningful. Beautiful verse!


  3. What a lovely colourful description. I like.

  4. very cool…love your descriptions….and so cool you had the opportunity to touch a life….

  5. Thanks for the visits and comments. 🙂

  6. I see something genuinely interesting about your blog so I bookmarked .

I appreciate all comments.

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