Forever Emblazed in a Shining Moon (now he seems so small) We Write Poems #85: Rinse, repeat – windows revisited

He’s beseeched, lost behind emerald
mesh, tinted tawny, flowing through
a funnel draining away, connecting now

I visit every Wednesday, bringing
cigarettes and coffee, we sit together on
a broken sofa, close to the radiator’s warmth;
coffee’s steam and smoky silhouettes cradle

these arduous days, adhering visions of
what exists outside the glass, rationing stars
of night and day through fingers, fiery in our palms

I listen intimately, as thoughts interfere
with his movements; he opens and closes
hazy eyes, an orange tabby purrs,
resting in his lap, reflections in droplets,
gliding on hallucinations

Process notes: This is true, but it was some twenty years ago. I have never written about this person before, if they were alive today, they would be 56. We were born on the same day just two years apart.
May he rest in peace…


14 responses to “Forever Emblazed in a Shining Moon (now he seems so small) We Write Poems #85: Rinse, repeat – windows revisited

  1. This is beautiful, Pamela – treasure the memory.

  2. Gorgeous descriptions and imagery, and a wonderful way to remember your friend. Sometimes the best pictures are made of words.


  3. What is lovely, Pamela, is that after twenty years this is your memory. The description is quite tender.


    • Hard to forget, Margo. I always remember him in a very fond light. The most important things for him from my visits, were coffee and cigarettes. He would tell fantastic stories, as an avid reader, he knew the bible almost by heart. One day he insisted he was Judas, while someone else may have been aghast, I was fascinated by what he had to say.

  4. Beautiful. ‘rationing stars’. Vivid and ethereal, almost dreamy, all at once.

  5. Powerful and heartfelt, Pamela. Gorgeous writing . . . and deep, deep feeling.

  6. Thanks nan, I was motivated once I looked at the pic again.

  7. you created such a vivid character in him…thanks for the footnote as well as it adds a further depth to the emotion behind it…great descriptions…

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