“Tsimbi Itsoka with Regards” The Sunday Whirl #36

On wakeful days I don’t wear shoes.
Small hands on a thin, uncoordinated body.
I smile a lot (at peace); I was born on
the 15th of November. The last bomb was dropped
that day and for this I’m particularly content.
They do decree these mountains, desert plains,
and lakes are the heart of South Dakota.
On frozen rivers you can watch rabbits run up
and down the hills in the sunset. I’ve never
seen a polar bear, but I had tea in an igloo
once surrounded by soft firelight, watching
shepherds tend their flocks.
White is not a sign of purity, rather devoid
of colour (simply my opinion).
My hygiene is excellent:
I wash my face with three different soaps —
each scent, a separate season.
I’ve given up my career of selling oxygen masks
(a family business). Instead, I am investing
in glucose drips and penlights as a future project;
I do nothing in haste.
Have you ever noticed how people resemble clowns?
Painting themselves in a variety of ways,
which I find somewhat amusing and unsettling.
Dark angels appear in northern lights,
casting an oppressive shadow on the land
and its slouching posture. You would be amazed or afraid,
because in the south I’m sure you’ve never witnessed
such a scene. Did I mention gasoline fumes leak
through my walls at night, and I can’t locate the source?
It’s seeping into my clothes, and lately I fear
lighting a match. I am a smoldering flame inside,
figuratively speaking, as I search for a local laundromat
with digital receivers. I’ve heard about them on the radio.
Could you point me in the right direction from here?
I forgot to tell you how much I like frivolous party attire,
lots of shiny spangles filled with joy.
If you have a love of dance and music,
we should meet up on the southern border and samba for a while.
“No foot, no footprint,” follow the path of seashells and snails.
(I pondered this as I left tidings in a manger).

Process notes: by far the strangest post for me, I couldn’t be serious, as much as I tried. Or maybe there is a lot of seriousness here (who knows). Happy holidays to all and may we see peace on earth someday…

Happy note: I found out last night my daughter is engaged to a very nice young man, here is a picture of them:

Mel and Justin


16 responses to ““Tsimbi Itsoka with Regards” The Sunday Whirl #36

  1. I love how you used the words, Pamela! So clever and creative!!! I could not break away from writing about the old familiar Nativity story. You made the words sparkle and sing!!!!

    And congratulations on your daughter’s engagement. She’s beautiful and they make a great-looking couple!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. This stream of words was unsettling but very creative. I had to read it quickly because I felt that was how it was written.

  3. Clever, Pam. One never knows where the wordle words take you. Hope you had a Merry Christmas; and congratulations to your beautiful daughter on her engagement.

  4. Beautiful wordle remake Pam! You always have a way with words. That’s what I’ve found for the past year. Looking forward to seeing more the ensuing year. Merry Christmas to you and family. Congrats and best wishes for the future for the wonderful couple.


  5. Very intriguing, Pamela. I hope you had a nice Christmas and congrats to your daughter… they look so happy!

  6. Creative wordling! I hope your daughter has very happy life. Exciting news for her Mum!

  7. Many congratulations on your daughters engagement. What a wonderful time to get engaged. The prose is playful, serious, emotive, and filled with Christmas cheer.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Pamela.

  8. Like like like like like…. wow! The land’s slouching posture is gorgeous. There is so much here, Pamela. You must reread it again later, and see what you discover. This is a piece that speaks volumes. I really did want to pound on the like icon. LOL

    Congratulations to your daughter and her man! And hooray that you are happy with them together.

  9. Very stream of consciousness – unsettled me a bit until I read your process notes and saw I wasn’t alone in seeing the strangeness of it. It’s a great character sketch; this person would make an interesting background character (or maybe even a main character) in a story.

  10. I like it, Pamela, this “new” style of yours. It made me chuckle. Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season.

  11. I really loved this Pamerla, filled with little stories, vivid imagery and strange tangents, I thought it was wonderful and loved reading! 🙂

    Congratulations to your daughter and her partner.

  12. Thanks for the comments and well wishes for my daughter. I am delighted for both of them. Brenda, it does have a lot going on in it.

  13. Hello Pamela! I know…it’s been a while since I’ve visited. I am sorry for that (it’s been a rough 3 months…I did best I could to keep writing–the reading dropped by the wayside), but I’m glad I’m here for this one. I enjoyed the romp through these words! I ended up focusing on a portion of the familiar story they were taken from — well, at least a couple months PRIOR to the story they were taken from…


    I am going to try to be better about visiting my fellow bloggers in the new year! 🙂


  14. I adore the poem. No, not your usual style, but isn’t that part of the fun!?

    Congratulations, mom. They are a nice looking couple.


  15. Thanks Margo, it was a lovely early Christmas present for me. She told me on the eve.
    I had fun writing this, true enough.

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