“Criminal Silverware” The Sunday Whirl #37

Those kittens in designer sweaters
sit with northern drifts at their backs,
always forming a shield for friends

Fancy kittens gather round
the perfect table in the room, set
with a bowl of plums, left center

Generous kittens share a
long yarn of tales, while placing
fictitious stitches as they wind on

Smug kittens shovel out compliments
by heaps, pursing their lips on
the letters they pronounce

It’s our loss, not being invited or
expected at the last stop rendezvous

Process notes: I had fun with this one, and it came to me quickly. Oh, those little kittens who grow up to be big bad cats…

Happy New Year! Wishing all the best 2012 has to offer.


34 responses to ““Criminal Silverware” The Sunday Whirl #37

  1. Great fun, Pamela. I can tell you enjoyed it by the liveliness!

    • Yes, Viv. When I received the words Friday, I thought good grief what will I do with these. The word “sweaters” kept sticking with me yesterday. I immediately thought of some of the young ladies who frequent the coffee shops in the city here. Very pretty and very proper.

  2. Pam, I loved this. Sometimes one comes up with the most amazing things when one writes fast. This made me smile….

  3. This is adorable, Pamela… especially those smug kittens.

  4. Oh yes, and the damage those bad cats can do too!
    A fun read Pamela.
    Happy new year.

  5. Great fun, Pamela! Your title is wonderful! Love “those kittens in designer sweaters!” Well done. Happy new year.

  6. I’m glad you had fun, Pamela. I smiled when I read this in my inbox, and again when I read the poem here. Reminds me of those paintings [Victorian?] of cute kittens and if you looked closely, they were clearly up to mischief.

    Happy New Year.


    • I believe you are right, Margo, about the paintings being of Victorian era. Though no particular artist comes to mind. Usually they were at the feet of some noble looking gent or lady unraveling a ball of yarn. Now, I must go to google, this has piqued my interest.
      Happy new year to you!

  7. Oh those big bad cats who were once adorable pouncing things… 🙂

    I love where you went this week. A playful tone pulls me back to a second read. Thank you! Happy New Year, Pamela.

  8. ME-yow!
    I like the shovel for compliments. And the pursed lip pronunciation.
    kittenish and catty at once.

    • Barb, if you could be here to witness it, well, suffice to say, the Spanish spoken here is very much like they are singing. An overly exaggerated pronunciation (a bit high pitched). While I truly like these people here, there is a bit of the scratch, scratch, sniff, sniff…

  9. Fun poem, Pamela – it reminded me of T.S. Eliot’s poems that inspired the musical “Cats.” 🙂

  10. the kittens are an amazing symbol here.

    reminds me of Mad Catwoman episode of Nip Tuck

  11. Thanks Traci, I don’t know much about T.S. Eliot (she says with shame). I will have to google this info.

  12. magicalmysticalteacher

    I’m just wondering why that bowl of plums is set on the table, left center… 🙂

    A Whirl of Haiku

  13. Proper etiquette of course, mmt 🙂

  14. Oh what allegorical kittens, and fun too.

  15. This is so clever! What a fun write!

  16. …and what of those kittens who climb into your lap and drape themselves across your arms when you’re trying to use a laptop!? (like my little Lucy is doing right now!) I read it aloud to her and she didn’t seem to listen. But I enjoyed it!! 🙂

  17. A fun read Pamela! Love those silly kittens!

  18. I love it. It reminded me of the three little kittens nursery rhyme.

  19. I have two now as one had to be put to sleep last year at age 18 but the other two…ages 15 and 12, well, they can still cause some mischief.

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