“The Nuns Have All Gone Home” dVerse Openlinknight: Week 25

Reflecting sunlight glances in the courtyard
off northern windows, forming a chain

of thoughts, nuns rested on these stone
benches, holding rosaries, counting prayers

in Latin, whispers adhering to the tree’s
branches — blessings, thrushes fluttering

approval in low, husky calls; bracing every word
You look for secrets in these old stone walls

now confining your shoulders, keeping out the
breeze, wanting to go back to the mantra of

black robes pinned with chastity and vows,
as spices spill on the windswept floor

14 responses to ““The Nuns Have All Gone Home” dVerse Openlinknight: Week 25

  1. Really like this one pamela–I really feel that sometimes in buildings that for many years had a purpose, their inhabitants have impressed their lives on the walls–that one can sense the texture of their days— whatever makes the mood you’ve created so well here, of past and present coexisting, it seems very concrete and real.

  2. Hi Joy, a happy 2012 to you! This is taken from a true story, here in Puebla. I had to visit this hospital about 3 years ago for stitches, and came to find out it was originally a convent dated back to the 16th century. Thank you for the nice comment.

  3. first…we all paused and my whole family awww-ed at the polar bear baby….how cute!

    a cloister without the nuns…i bet the architecture would be cool but still i bet would feel rather empty….interesting on it becoming a hospital too…

  4. Brian, the building is magnificent, and the open courtyard it was really caught my attention. I read a poem yesterday where the poet mentioned a convent, and it reminded me of that day. So, I put this together last night from my memory.
    The baby polar bear is cute, no?

  5. A number of evocative images in this poem. I had a few thoughts about how to revise if you’re interested– e-mail me to jenneandrews2010@gmail.com— lovely! xxxj

  6. Hi Jenne, Thanks and I am up for some help, Thanks. On my way over to read yours now.

  7. much enjoyed this – i think these old buildings, they never lose the scent and magic of whatever has been in, even after many years, you still find the traces of whispers and life in the air..great capture and just love that polar bear pic

  8. Pam,
    A hospital and stitches would provide that brand of mystique more when housed in an old building.Traditions and history coupled with mystery would be aplenty I’m sure! Best Wishes for 2012, Ma’am!


  9. An excellent look back.

  10. Yes! Evocative, really well expressed. Just dropped in on my way back to the home page.

  11. They way you used your words to tell a story brought much imagery to my mind… really loved this!

  12. Grew up attending the Catholic church and had many nuns in my life. This brings much of that back to me which I had not thought of in many years. Thank You!

  13. I really like this poem, reflective, beautiful.

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