“Urgent: Open this upon Arrival” Surrealist Imagery Poem: Tuesday Tryouts with Margo Roby

Naked hippies of the sea have relocated
to a black lake; five miles away, a hairless
dog rolls down a hallway
Look for a skull inside a fir-tree, with
clocks melting on its limbs, and a rose
waiting nearby; take your first left,
you’ll see the attraction sign

I’ll meet you there next Sunday at
noon, wearing dresser drawers on my
chest; I look like a bowl of pears with lips,
a mother and child sharing a cigar hanging
at my hips; you can’t miss us
We are fancy fruit on the brain; loads of laughs …
a great time guaranteed!

Before the first show, we’ll eat a sink
full of Brussels sprouts, followed by a
drink at a dripping faucet (best water in town)
Expect to see Dali standing by flames; it’s intriguing,
our first stop along the palisade

In the center of the park, we have a parade
of butterfly stickpins dancing between elephants;
it’s beautiful, or if you want, we could watch
the ghost of Monte Cristo balance a bottle
of wine upon his knee; it’s mesmerizing;
the choice is up to you, being our guest, after all

Hope to see you Sunday!


An upside-down tree

Margo’s list I took from:

a sink full of Brussels sprouts
a dripping faucet
a mother and child sharing a cigar
a hairless dog
a ball rolling down a hallway
an upside-down tree
a black lake

I used some of Dali’s paintings for inspiration:

lips at the base of a bowl of pears
clocks melt on limbs
drawers on the chest
naked hippies of the sea
skull inside a fir-tree as the rose waits
a brain filled with fancy fruit
a parade of butterfly stickpins dancing between elephants
Dali surrounded by flames


11 responses to ““Urgent: Open this upon Arrival” Surrealist Imagery Poem: Tuesday Tryouts with Margo Roby

  1. Loads of fun! Great images.

  2. Hmmm. You’re a little too good at this. In an odd sort of way it makes perfect sense. I am jealous. May I add your images to my list?

    Out of curiosity, when you see a persimmon what does it make you think of [seriously — I asked my family and discovered there is not a metaphoric bone in their bodies.]


    • Margo, of course you may add my images to your list. Thanks. Not sure why this type of writing intrigues me, but it does on a very odd level. I suppose partly because my mind can wander freely. Oh, btw, why does it make sense? Just curious.
      As for persimmons, I think of dainty flowers, and not the fruit itself. I have not seen a persimmon in Mexico ever. They may be here, but I have never noticed. (I usually notice everything, which can be a curse in a strange way).

  3. Truly surreal. It has all the weirdness of a feverish dream! As Margo says, you are very good at this.

  4. Interesting question, Pamela. I reread the poem and it makes sense because your speaker sounds so matter of fact, as if everyone sees and experiences these images in their lives.

    Huh, I never thought of the fact there must be flowers before there is fruit. And, I know what you mean. I notive everything in any given scene I am in. For writing that’s good, except when I have forgotten pen and paper.

    Right now I am looking out the window into my eighty foot maple, full of robins. Thank goodness I have lots of pens and paper in the apartment!


    PS Thank you for the addition of your images!

  5. Sounds like a beautiful scene with the maple, Margo. I certainly do appreciate your feedback on my writing. (doesn’t everyone see and experience these images in their lives? lol!

  6. How special, getting a letter from an upside-down tree. It’s fun, yes. Thanks for the inspiration Pamela, on this bright summer’s day.

  7. Ya know how those upside-down trees can be, Irene. 😉 Always looking for a party! I am glad you were inspired. Summer? Please send me some warmth, it is very chilly here. It just turned cold yesterday, and I am used to spring like weather most of the year. brrr…

  8. Well Pamela this was a giggle – I think even Dali (by the flames – which he’d be wishing he’d thought of) would be a tad jealous … that’s if he could pry himself loose from the persimmon pants he’d just had made.

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