“Fish and Cheese in Woven Baskets” We Write Poems: Prompt #87-Begin at the Bottom

Here it is Friday—
end of the week, an old
year heading into new

This year, we’ve walked these
streets, shopped in markets,
capsizing life’s sights and sounds

We wandered afternoons
without expectations,
buying cheese, olives and coffee,
deciding on one item or another,

We’re driven, enchanted
by the hour’s essence;
no-one else seems moved by this,
drifting in visions

This year we’ll walk through
open markets discovering
the best selection,

holding the fresh catch to
the light; the sea in our hands,
we’ll walk a single sliver home

Process notes: I started this poem on Friday, yes, that’s right 🙂
When I saw this prompt, I thought “feet” eww… I decided to
tell you where they have taken me, and where I plan to go with
them, but not how pretty they actually are, I’ll leave that to your
imagination 😉


7 responses to ““Fish and Cheese in Woven Baskets” We Write Poems: Prompt #87-Begin at the Bottom

  1. I enjoyed where your feet took me.

  2. Have we shopped the same market? You keep walking Pam, I would imagine your feet lead to a pretty nice feast. Enjoy the stroll with you.

  3. It’s amazing where our feet take us, eh?

  4. I like your meandering through the market. What a great description! I’d love to stroll through markets anywhere in the the world.

  5. Nice trip through “el mercado”. Enjoyed the memories. Yes, both feet, the big toes to the middle toes.

  6. my feet are still frozen…but somehow will get to the dinner table….I think we are having fresh salmon tonite…..thanks for your poem again Pam..happy trails

  7. Thank you all for the nice comments.

I appreciate all comments.

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