“Dust Falls”

The city itself might be disagreeable,
but on the other hand, there is a natural
beauty all around me.

I wake most mornings to small, fat-bellied birds,
stealing seeds, escaping to the roof, bobbing
their heads in harmony. If the phone rings,
each rhythm pierces the interior. A connection,
an anticipated voice, poised in time.
Invitations attended or missed;
memories kept for rainy days and cold nights.

In life, each characteristic is distinct;
we’ve suspended our reality, held in a paradox
with time spent alone, recounting words and
phrases left behind, resting within another.
Watching how they fell away caught in midair
through my turnstiles, I find similarities are
unique and never overlooked. An engaging conversation
is like a cup of coffee, its dark aroma swirling
around the lips; bitter or sweet, it satisfies;
laughter is a perfectly polished
stone held in the hand, soft as satin.

The meals prepared together with care,
a mixture of colors and scents fill the kitchen;
oven’s warmth like a blanket placed on
bare shoulders, cold breezes barricaded by
familiar voices, caressing expanses,
butter kissing warm bread, it spreads
smoothly, sustaining us with nutrition.
It’s these walls, windows, and floors,
a fortress for family or friends;
dogs slumbering at my feet, safety is here,
knowing when I close my eyes, sleep will
come peacefully, leading me into dreams.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge Jan 1 – Jan 6, Maya Bahl challenged me with “Happiness can be described in many ways, what is your way?” and I challenged Kurt with “How the lights look differently from the city to the mountains”.


4 responses to ““Dust Falls”

  1. Pamela, you’ve had many very happy thoughts here, and the images are beautiful.

  2. Thanks Viv. I had to push myself a bit with this. It is a tad on the long side, but that is what the site calls for. To me it is more poem than short story, however, I believe my punctuation is correct. I suppose the folks over at II will let me know, if it is not.

  3. Sorry to have not gotten here more often but with work, my own need to try to get writing in and my son-in-law being ill things have quite gotten away from me. You have such a way with words and I am always so moved by them in wonderful ways. I will try to get by more often in 2012.

  4. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Renee. Thanks for you kind words. I too must get round to others myself. Time is a tricky thing.

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