“The Road Beneath is Like a Sponge” The Sunday Whirl #38

Thatched eyes move along stone
sidewalks, where the city’s
hearth is alive with its flashing looks

We enter a breathing space,
fluttering sighs of delight, bubbling
glasses groping the edge of burgundy vines;

Crème brûlée lingers its presence,
thousands of vanilla beans languishing
in a silken, but not forgotten, musing …

as culinary gates liberate,
rebuilding our fantasy


28 responses to ““The Road Beneath is Like a Sponge” The Sunday Whirl #38

  1. You are definitely making me hungry with your mention of Crème brûlée, Pamela. A tasty write!

  2. Sweet desserts! It definitely gave me a hankering for silken rich goodness.

  3. Oooo me too, Yummy. Lovely 🙂

  4. Excellent use of the words. I could not seem to diverge from the ‘normal’ meanings. Very nice.

  5. Pamela, your thatched eyes made me roar with laughter – I don’t have much in the way of eye-lashes. The rest just made me hungry, and I’ve just eaten.

  6. There you go! ‘Thatched eyes’ works beautifully and I like ‘a silken, but not forgotten, musing’.

  7. Thanks Margo. I kept thinking last night that “thatched” went well with eyes for some God forsaken reason. The line needed a better structure is all.

  8. “Thatched eyes” is so creative, Pamela! And “bubbling
    glasses groping the edge of burgundy vines” is quite wonderful! I love your use of the words. Nothing bland or boring here!!!

  9. What an epicurean feast of words here, Pamela! I like the line “glasses groping the edge of burgundy vines;” such a vivid depiction of wine being poured out.

  10. The French do it best, Tracy. Thanks.

  11. Mmm… a sensuous delight, Pamela.

  12. Ah…the culinary cure…

  13. Pam,
    Yummy, I know when I’m hungry! Nice take on the wordle which I only did once before. Have not tried it since! Admiration for those who do!


  14. Hank, you should give it a try again. I love wordles.

  15. I love the different places these wordles take us all. Good job–including thatched! Write on.

  16. Thanks Peggy, it is funny where we go with the words.

  17. I loved the “thatched eyes” here – quite the image! cheers!

  18. Thanks OT! I tried to stay away from the ordinary.

  19. Absolutely delicious! 😀

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