“Joining” We Write Poems #88-Congregate

The skin covering me
hides an hourglass of marrow;
not so different or solitary,
fitting in this realm

There is a secret awaiting,
a gathering verge, with lithe
steps past covert street lamps,
their glow still following us

Engraved horizons, its
deepness, a submergence to
the map leading north and south,
as it intersects with east or west

Invisible mouths release
words, sung from tongues,
exposing mutuality …
where tributaries are freed
in our linear symmetry

Process notes: I wrote this last Friday and set it aside, and came back to it yesterday and thought “huh”???, it made perfect sense to me when I wrote it. So, on these rare occasions… I showed it to my husband, who in turn went “huh”??? It took me a half an hour to explain it and (he still didn’t get it).

12 responses to ““Joining” We Write Poems #88-Congregate

  1. I love that you posted the poem anyway, Pamela! But it doesn’t matter, just to have the first two lines. An ‘hourglass of marrow’ is a beautiful image.


  2. Yes, to write, to post, to join with others in the challenge is what this site is all about. I did rather say “huh?” myself! Sometimes our inspiration does take us off in unexpected directions.

  3. That is what it is all about, Viv.

  4. I suppose it’s my maleness, so I have to echo your darlin, “huh”? But then, poetry written in double entendre is so done to allow a person to project their own interpretation. Words in form that convey thought with a different meaning are exposed to experiences. I see everyone coming together, lifting voices in conversation or song, Could even be a poem of redemption, a gathering of souls on a day of salvation. I feel that you did an excellent work of open endedness so that we each able to pleasure in our moment of poetic recognition. I enjoyed the poem, several times

  5. Well, I thought it was a perfectly reasonable poem. 🙂 Quite liked that hourglass of marrow as well.

  6. It’s cryptic, but in an enticing way, Pamela. I see some sort of criss crossing grid, as suggested by the title.

  7. I suppose cryptic is a good way to describe it, Irene. 🙂


  8. Cryptic and enigmatic is partly what keeps the mysterious alive in the poet … at least that’s what I tell my love when he doesn’t “get” some of my work … I think it’s a splendid poem

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