“All the Berries have Different Names” The Things You Don’t Say: Tuesday Tryouts with Margo Roby

Maybe weighing words
is a like a visit to the grocers

where piles of shapes
in different hues fill

visions — greens, cafes, reds,
in rows on aisles of bare wood

floors, in warm air confining
capsicum, thyme, rosemary leaves

A journey into another language
where tangerines are sierra

sweetness, and leeks lean proud
against glossy, purple eggplants

But pronunciation rolls
awkwardly off my tongue when

seeking an unusual fruit
I am a spiked, unyielding,

artichoke in hand,
preferring to present

this with finesse — a dash of
chili sprinkled on a mango

Perfection’s freshness when
pen sheds paper, its

serration a fringe to
segue beyond borders,

like golden olive oil
drizzled on green beans


17 responses to ““All the Berries have Different Names” The Things You Don’t Say: Tuesday Tryouts with Margo Roby

  1. A poem redolent of exotic scent and colour.

    • Viv, I thought about this prompt since Tuesday, and realized that there are more words in Nahuatl that are seemingly impossible to pronounce without seeing first. So, I suppose they are the things I don’t say (at least very well).

  2. Beautiful, Pamela. I want to visit YOUR grocer!

  3. I adore this. What a clever take on the prompt and the metaphors and imagery are wonderful…fruitful 🙂


  4. Margo, Thanks 🙂 I am fairly fluent in my Spanish, reading and writing, but somehow I always sound like a New Yorker trying to pronounce some of the very common or not so common words here. Buying fruit and vegetables has become quite the adventure for me, and the ladies at the grocers. 🙂 Scarily, they are becoming accustomed to my pronunciation.

  5. A journey to another language is a journey to the grocer’s – wonderful!

  6. nice thought…visiting poets is def like the grocer…a little of this a little of that…each with their own unique flavor and texture…very cool…ironically you include borders as well which i the prompt today at dverse…

  7. Yes, Brian, I saw that today 🙂 and thanks.

  8. Pamela,
    Its a great round off of the goodness of vege and herbs. You got practically most of what I’m familiar with. We get those over here as well. Having vege and herbs is a healthy thing to do. Excellent verse!


  9. Pam,
    Clarification: WordPress got it as hank77 instead of the usual kaykuala. Apologies!


  10. Wow, this is wonderful. Produce sections are my favorite part of a good grocery store and you evoke them so well.

  11. Hi James, they are mine as well. I do the majority of my produce shopping in the markets here. However, a few of the supermarkets have a great selection of odd or hard to come by vegetables. Thanks for the nice comment.

  12. This is beautiful imagery. You should think about coming over to Trifecta. We would love your talent.

  13. Hi Trifecta, I visited your site, and I will fill out your questionnaire later on today and link back. Thanks for reading and commenting, and of course for the invitation.

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