A Hardened Heart Trifextra: Week Two

The coroner passes my house every day at 5 am for mass,
carrying an umbrella and a bible. Kneeling and praying,
his worn-out eyes count rosary beads. His flecked heart
wonders how much makeup his new guest will need.


28 responses to “A Hardened Heart Trifextra: Week Two

  1. This is such a great character study: flecked heart, worn-out eyes . . . indeed. 🙂

  2. The last sentence is chillingly perfect!

  3. Nice details, you get a really great image. Love your word choice throughout. “Guest” – ha!

  4. dang tight little character study…captures him from multiple facets…and maybe even where they rub together a bit…nice….

  5. What a fantastic picture of this man who simultaneously cares deeply and has to consider the practical aspects of his job.

  6. So clever. How did you make me feel like he has a big secret too?

  7. Very dedicated individual. Apparently the make-up can be quite elaborate to say the least. A dead body doesn’t complain anyway.


  8. Definitely not the kind of job i’d ever want! It takes a special individual to do that work

  9. What a job he has and looks at things differently then we would.

  10. The rhythm, the style, the simplicity & recognition of what he must hold inside, what he must endure…this was great.
    Came from the Trifecta link.

  11. A great character study indeed. Reminds me of the time my friend spent working in forensics…if you wanted to work there for good you needed to “harden” or you’d go mad.

  12. Thanks for joining up for our weekend challenge. I love this little piece. I’m with Kelly — your word choice is flawless. And there’s more to this old man than meets the eye, I suspect. Hope you join us for our Monday challenge.

  13. great take on the prompt, with the visuals and the inner thought!

  14. Jenna, thanks for commenting.

  15. You really captured this coroner’s personality well. As someone else said, the combination of spiritual with practical!

  16. I know a young woman here who is a coroner, and she is so contrary to what one would expect. However, she is still quite young. She and her mother are in the business.

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