“A Voice?” We Write Poems #92-big shoes/Trifecta Week Thirteen

Deep … meditation of blooms
when laid out in the open,
raising questions, clear voices;
it’s buried without communication
I watch a fly settle on the table,
rubbing its wings, scratching a minute surface
between the air and where I sit —
a small creature’s significance in its world;
but somehow we miss each signpost,
each nuance, wanting injustices to
disappear like flicks of dust on our eyelashes …
curled within ourselves, unbalanced


18 responses to ““A Voice?” We Write Poems #92-big shoes/Trifecta Week Thirteen

  1. I read your poem three times and each time it had a deeper meaning. Well done!

  2. Pam,
    A great write on life’s woes. We are just not aware but little things can lead to disaster if not plucked in the bud.


  3. Once, when I was young and full of it, I sat in an open air bar on the beach at Santa Rosalla, drinking my fifth Modelo of the afternoon and watching a fly bless my salsa picante. It occurred to me that this small creature indeed had more purpose in the world than I. And that, he was fulfilling his purpose with extreme wing rubbing dexterity. Me, I was intent on supporting the Mexican Cervecería. I do appreciate the nuance you have so adroitly defined in this poem. For it was that fly that influenced me to leave behind my idyllic existence and assault the ramparts of academia. In the end, combat with my egocentric professors left me unbalanced for most of my adult life. However I was awakened to all those injustices that became my demons, and long for commiseration with that fly again. Nicely done Pamela.

  4. Donald, your prompt idea is complex and your poem is profound without being overbearing. I find it rather hard to say what I want about injustice in poetry without becoming preachy. Which in my very humble opinion is annoying. After moving here to Mexico 10 years ago now, I am surrounded by a completely different culture and a gentler type of people. However, in other states of this republic, injustices do exist, mainly against the indigenous. Who have no rights, they are forced to move off of their land and have been massacred for not doing so. But as for indifference toward people who are gay, disabled, or of a different skin-colour, well, it just doesn’t happen here. As for the indigenous problem, I see a parallel much like our history in the US. I could go on and on … but I am not going to do so here. I thank you for the very nice compliment on this poem, which I found extremely hard to write.

  5. Pamela — my impression of the fly upon the table is how we feel so small in comparison to all the problems and injustice there is out there. How do we each, alone, conquer it? Or do we regard these things as insignificant, happening to someone else, and then we turn off the television and go on with life? Humankind does sometime have a tendency to be lazy, to want someone else to wear the shoes. Nicely done.


    • Nicole, even the tiniest detail is significant, but what can we do? I think personally we can try to be kind and tolerant with others in our own lives, it has to start somewhere. I watch and read the world news in horror at what goes on round the world. Even in the north of this country with the drug wars, it is perplexing to me. I believe that so much of what happens, the atrocities if you will, are politically motivated by those in power, it doesn’t upset their safe little worlds, so why bother fixing the problem (they say). I suppose it is easy to turn a blind eye when it isn’t your child who killed him or her self, it isn’t your baby lying in a street dead, it isn’t you living in the street, etc…

  6. Well done. I would say more but t would be an echo of all above. So, well done.

  7. I love the transition from observation to analysis here:
    “between the air and where I sit —
    a small creature’s significance in its world;”

    I also enjoyed the punctuation in the poem. (I know. I’m weird.)

  8. as usual…you have come up with another gem……thanks for this Pam

  9. Thanks for joining up again, Pamela. this is a beautiful poem and I’ve read it several times already. Your message comes over very clearly and I certainly isn’t ‘preachy’. Hope you join us for the weekend challenge.

  10. Thanks Jester, Wayne, and Trifecta. Trifecta thanks for the invite.

  11. Pamela, it’s lovely. I love the way it ends, “wanting injustices to / disappear” – because we are “curled within ourselves, unbalanced” – very powerful and well said. The metaphor of the fly works well, how small it is (we are) and caught up in our actions, missing the signposts.


  12. Richard, we are blind to many things in this world. Thanks for the nice comment.

  13. Well said to a challenging prompt Pamela. I do much like the fly observed, making this all so personal and close. Therein too is the difference we most often miss – making someone “distant” even to either demonize or simply not attend our care.

    And if this prompt was something “difficult”, I think that’s about right and best. And you found for yourself a good path through. Thanks.


  14. Neil, I do appreciate your thoughtful comments. You actually take the time to show a person where they went right with their writing. I like that! Difficult it was and it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I know how I feel about these occurrences in life, but to write about them is an entirely different manner. Thanks.

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