“Kites Woven in Yarn” We Write Poems #93: Finger painting

While I sleep, my
fingers trace ocean
maps, aerial

on papier-mâché,
where tulips thrive
an alabaster winter

I disperse delicate
petals, exposing
colour’s spread,

filching the smooth
surfaces as I count

In mornight I see
her in an embroidered
rocking chair;

she hums, content,
busyness in her hands;
knit one, purl two

weaving rainbows,
hands of springtime,
a hint of clicks (echoing),

perfection’s bending
angle; rose polished
nails, she continues

her bones stitched
within my hands

Sometimes, during
the evening, there’s
vagueness; redolent,

it represents soliloquy —
broken drafts, messages
swept into ether

as dusty moments
eclipse doors ‘neath
sunset’s symmetry

Placing a pen in hand,
my wrist curves toward
these fingers, drawing
salt from my skin


31 responses to ““Kites Woven in Yarn” We Write Poems #93: Finger painting

  1. really cool textures in that last…love that act of writing drawing salt…smiles….and as dusty moments
    eclipse doors ‘neath
    sunset’s symmetry…is a great line….but the first is actually my fav…it is smooth as silk….smiles.

  2. What a fabulous weave. I love the ‘her bones stitched within my hands’ but.. It’s all so lovely though.

  3. There are so many layers in this piece and I loved discovering them as I read.
    “perfection’s bending
    angle; rose polished

  4. Wonderful word choices and each one can stand alone but fit together so well, nicely done!

  5. Brilliant imagery…too many that struck me to mention. Enjoyed this so much.

  6. wow…really nice…the papier-mâché, the tulips, the knitting…love how you drew me into the poem…all the textures and def. atmospheric piece..

  7. A very powerful sense of serenity, peace, and the abiding of both the intellect and the feminine here, pamela. I enjoyed its complexity and its simplicity, mingling and spreading that fragrance only poetry has. (the tulips of course appeal to me most–only another month and maybe mine will be up.)

  8. Loved every image you drew here !
    And the lines

    “my wrist curves toward
    these fingers, drawing
    salt from my skin” .

    oh that was so perfect ! Felt it ..

  9. Like a patchwork quilt that when finished brings all together beautifully. Very nice write!

  10. You weaved in the words most beautifully, Pam! I like the last stanza!


  11. A wonderful weave 🙂 great !

  12. Hmm, lovely… that first passage especially was rapturous.

  13. Wow this is brilliant – it weaves together so seamlessly

  14. The third stanza knits it together beautifully.

  15. indeed …niceley weaved…than ks for sharing Pam….and your comment on mine

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