“Trees take different turns” The Sunday Whirl #44

Every day she securely
straps on her boots, though by
Friday they’ve lost their balance

Walking, she seeps into concrete;
while waiting for the bus, she studies
the ghosts of downhill trees,
knowing each has an unusual story
nestled beneath scorched frames;
their prickly sores stand guard,
holding on to mysteries

Every Friday seems bizarre
as an untuned harp — until restless
children enter her class whistling

* This is not about me, though, I suppose it could be in the near future. I have taken a teaching position in a Kinder/Primaria as the art teacher, teaching classes in English (this is going to be fun!). I first met the children on Friday, and they were delightful. I haven’t worked a “normal” full-time position in almost two years. We will see how life revolves round my new adventure.


25 responses to ““Trees take different turns” The Sunday Whirl #44

  1. smiles…nice capture of her…i like the imagery in the scorched frames and open sores, it def sets the tone….

  2. Well done, Pamela! I love “bizarre as an untuned harp.” Neat image. Good luck with your new adventure! How wonderful to teach art to children. It’s a great opportunity for them to express themselves and be truly creative.

  3. This reminded me of my teen in her high heeled boots, trying to look ultra cool as she walks on snow…Haha
    Great wordle. Good luck with the new classes and students, I bet you’ll all have some fun 🙂

  4. This was a difficult one: you have done well. Congratulations on the new job – teaching can be so rewarding – and I don’t mean financially!

    • Viv, for me to actually teach in my studied profession is the major highlight for me. I haven’t worked in that capacity for 10 years. So combining English with art, what an opportunity I have been given. I am truly tickled.

  5. I too enjoyed this piece. I like that un-tuned harp – of children’s chatter.
    Good luck on your new post.

  6. Oh Pamela, the children who land in your classroom will be blessed, indeed. Congratulations! May they bring joy to every session, and leave with ideas to busy their hands and minds with creativity. This is a beautiful poem. I am thrilled for your new adventure.

  7. Enjoy your new position, Pamela! And try to maintain that ‘balance’ until Friday.

  8. Nice workout Pam,
    It’s an adventure when it involves children. Enjoy your stint and good luck.


  9. Hank, you are very kind. I think this poem needed more work, but I didn’t have the time.

  10. The first stanza fascinates me, Pamela… and I love Friday seems bizarre as an untuned harp. Congrats on your new adventure! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  11. These words travel well through the week, An untuned harp would be a bit bizarre. On another note (ha) congrats on your upcoming job. I cannot wait to see the images that find there way into your writing, once you start.

  12. I like the slight goofiness & sweet ending. I’m happy to hear that you get to practise your studied profession, which is art. How nice, and if it’s pleasurable for you then it will be pleasurable for the kids.

  13. I like the lighthearted tone of this poem.

    Good luck in the new job!

  14. I love the image of her seeping into the concrete, Pamela.


  15. Great poem and good luck with the kids! That can such a fun age to work with or not!

  16. “bizarre as an untuned harp”… this is only a fragment of why this poem is wonderful… I had never before thought an untuned harp as bizarre .. but now shall always … along with your whistling children …. Lovely!

  17. Pamela, just lovely. I like how it ends, with the children entering, whistling. I like the implication that they’ll help her find her balance again. I know that feeling well.


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