“Passing Between Here or Then” The Sunday Whirl #46

Stripped coatless, she waits on
a marble kitchen floor;
metal horizons reinforce
her freedom for escape
A volcano lives within,
its fullness breached
beneath night and day

Slanted shadows, ambivalent
on these textured curtains,
their white stages disturb her,
memory of childhood returned:
woolly socks — itchy, bulky, ill-fitting

At moments she prefers
to fill her mouth with stones,
while speaking of the daughter
she once was

Unopened parcels darken the counter
in bitter spices ignored, as night
deepens admonishing whispers

23 responses to ““Passing Between Here or Then” The Sunday Whirl #46

  1. the filling of the mouth with stones while speaking of the daughter she once was is a very cool stanza….and the one after as well.

    • Not sure where that all came from, Brian. However, I think I feel like putting stones in my mouth when talking to people about subjects displeasing to me. Thanks for reading and commenting as always.

  2. I do love the different scenes people paint from the wordles. As usual, yours is excellent and unique. Hard for me to pick a favorite stanza or line. It all works together for me.

  3. Agreed with Brian, that third stanza was a knockout. Great job using the Wordle words seamlessly, it worked out very well!

  4. In agreement…the third stanza about plowed me over it brought contrast to the ambivalent shadows.. This piece is strong, Pamela. It pulls me under and distrubs me a bit.

  5. This is both sad and yes, a little disturbing in some ways too. It is as if the child is unhappy, even in adulthood. So much, in between the lines.

  6. There’s something about “metal horizons” that grabs me. I agree with others — a lot of between the lines depth to this.

  7. I like that the words waiting and volcano are found in the first “paragraph” (is it a paragraph? stanza? I wish I knew the right terms). It seems to set up the mood for what follows. And quite honestly I would rather fill my mouth with stones- how did you know?

    On another note thank you for your help over on my wordle… I started out without capitalization and changed it at the last minute. I did look up what an em-dash is, now I just have to figure out how to make one! Thanks again, I really appreciate your insight.

  8. What a sketch, deftly colored. Nice shades.

  9. Gorgeous writing, as always, Pamela! Every stanza is cosmically vast! I loved it all!

  10. Pam,
    It’s amazing how you make it look so easy with your wordles, everytime! Beautiful write!


  11. Oh you whirled that wordle as smoothly as a Mojito!! Lovely, kiddo.

  12. I see a story evolving in my mind. Maybe not what you intended, but then what we read is evaluated by all that we are. I am not good with song titles or writers, but the song where the rich gal who married for an easier life (isn’t really happy) and leaves the taxi driver a big tip comes into focus.

  13. Very interesting poem . Agree with a few other people, that stones in mouth line is excellent,

  14. she prefers
    to fill her mouth with stones,
    while speaking of the daughter
    she once was

    Wonderful image!

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