Paper, Time, and Clocks We Write Poems #96-Haibun party fun!

Ambitions frolic in the room, reason
coiled on magic marker trails, coloured pencils,
sharpeners — misplaced. He can’t find the page, or
pretends not to notice, engaging his time
Prismatic rainbows shine, caught in high-flying midstream.
Sun-dried voices echo off these walls. Time moves
backwards, falling sideways.

watching the fledgling
flutter, opening up
for flight, zeroed down


6 responses to “Paper, Time, and Clocks We Write Poems #96-Haibun party fun!

  1. ok a bit surreal…i like the progression…really love the line ‘time moves backward, falling sideways’

  2. There are a lot of things to do but the tools get misplaced. How often do we see this as an obstacle to smooth progress. Brilliant thinking, Pam!


  3. ummm, appears as just another day among many… but written so delightfully engaging..

  4. maybe we write better when fighting the “bugs”…anyways i really like this pam..well done…lots of garlic…lots of C….and 4 bottles of rum…CURED…take care and hope your feeling beeter

  5. This made me think of you in a classroom. It’s got a feeling of colorful flutter!

  6. Thanks all for the very nice comments.

I appreciate all comments.

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