I Count the Minutes and I Feel Dizzy “We Write Poems98-Signs”

Cogs in water, levies rise;
loose strings leave me
behind the street, alone,
unfolded on pleats

It’s a farmer’s market
day of new and used
items, people wearing
backward felt berets,
chain-smoking hookah
pipes, sitting before us,

confusing vernal scenes
with a windblown syllabus;
instrumented pages invert
signs closest by the side of
roadways … as earth trembles

Process notes: We were hit with a strong quake yesterday and this is the result. Though, not my first intention for the prompt, it is, what it is…


8 responses to “I Count the Minutes and I Feel Dizzy “We Write Poems98-Signs”

  1. are you in southern mexico then…i know there was a large one there…kinda scary to be out in the farmers market too…out in the open and vulnerable….we had a small one last year and that def was enough to give a scare…i hope all are well….

  2. scary when the earth starts trembling…we only had smaller quakes over here so far…though the area where i live in is an earth quake endangered area and we had a big one in 1340…well..that’s some time ago…nicely captured..and sounds you’re ok..i’m glad..

  3. That’s one frightening place to be. I hope you’re OK, Pamela. It must make you very nervous.

  4. Read about it. Glad you are ok, Pam! It would have been frightening when the earth trembles!.


  5. A moment captured, a sign read. I think the title says it all, having felt the tremors once before.

  6. chain smoking hookah will do it every time…..friends of ours are down there and were close…..they are fine too….I told them try Cuba…but…anyways great words again Pam

  7. Thanks all for the nice comments and well wishes. I was at school when this happened, and it was truly an unsettling feeling. I felt off all day afterward.

  8. I look forward to the markets coming again here. I believe they will start to open in April. We finally had some Spring weather so I’m hopeful for things to come.

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