Turn Left, Turn Right, Pivot … The Sunday Whirl #49

She sweeps the floor in Zumba moves,
craft aligned in rhythm,
supple limbs absorbing beats
on joy-stained laughter’s wings

An alchemist of moments,
changing mundane into brilliance,
sprinkled gold-flecked fingers
wave the sky or rest her hips

Gauging in a sweetened swivel, silky
oil on lustrous metal,
glistened juices fade away,
acid days dissolving

tender, music’s notes
sway atmospheric, knowing
acumen somnolent, somewhere
within reach

Process notes: Inspired by an event I went to yesterday. Watching the Zumba instructor was amazing with her endless energy.


35 responses to “Turn Left, Turn Right, Pivot … The Sunday Whirl #49

  1. A wonderful wordle. I’ve not come across zumba, but assume it’s a dance.

  2. I think you have captured zumba well here. This is a wonderful wording:

    An alchemist of moments,
    changing mundane into brilliance

    Indeed, having watched zumba, this is definitely true!

  3. You really pulled me in with your first line… and you make it seem so easy. The words were a bit challenging for me this week.


  4. This is quite pretty, Pamela. I’ve never been to Zumba, but there are classes popping up all over the place here. Thank you for giving me my first zumba experience. 🙂

  5. magicalmysticalteacher

    I watched an open-air Zumba class in Zacatecas, Mexico last summer. It was a wondrous experience, and the words of your poem take me back to the magical hour I stared, transfixed, at the dancers. Thank you!

    Whirling Haiku

  6. Alright, now I’ll have to google it. I’m sure youtube will have a zumba video.
    I just read Joseph’s newest reverie and so much of this poem fits the prompt of things ephemeral, using vocabulary of things that appear and disappear.

  7. A different direction, wizard of the dance, Pamela! I think they tout Zumba here as exercise as well as dance. ‘Moving’ words for sure!

  8. Lovely ‘sweeping’ words!

  9. really enjoyed. ‘alchemist of moments’ my favorite.

  10. Pamela, really enjoyed this. Some great juxtaposition of words: “craft aligned in rhythm” and “an alchemist of moments”. And I like the repetition of “acid days dissolving”.


  11. Richard, this girl was awesome to watch. Thanks.

  12. I really enjoyed this and caught the rhythm of the zumba in every line (my daughters are trying to convince me to take a class with them; I am too out-of-shape to try it right now but love the music and movement) Didn’t seem like the wordle words were a problem for you at all!


  13. Sharon, I didn’t find the words difficult, only in that I didn’t want to use the word “joy” in an obvious contrite manner. I am actually thinking of taking a class in zumba. There are several locations close to our home (within walking distance) What a great way to stay fit. Thanks for the nice comment.

  14. changing mundane into brilliance

    nice…now that is magic…love all the movement in this pamela…has a great rhythm to it

  15. Thanks Brian. I enjoyed writing it as well. 🙂

  16. With two left feet I am at a loss in any class that requires rhythm. Your wordle left me breathless as well! My favorite line “sprinkled gold-flecked fingers wave the sky”. In my next life I will be able to dance.

  17. Pamela, this line is delightful:

    An alchemist of moments,
    changing mundane into brilliance,

  18. Thanks so much, Irene. I had a wonderful time watching her, much fodder for this poem.

  19. I love the wistful feeling your words evoked…being mesmerized by the movements…and at the end, feeling that somnolence is within reach. Beautiful.

  20. I can feel the energy your words give. Nice.

  21. I love this line, “An alchemist of moments.” I think its something to which any artist would hope to aspire.

    Thank you for the follow.

  22. “An alchemist of moments” Clever use of the word. Beautiful piece of writing.

  23. Brilliant piece, Pamela! I used to go to Curves and they offered Zumba classes. I never could do them but it was a very impressive workout! “She sweeps the floor in Zumba moves” is a perfect first line. And I love: “alchemist of moments” and “acid days dissolving.” Wonderful!

  24. Not seen one, Pam! But given your verse it must have been really something. Great write!


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