“In Honour of National Poetry Month” poems by students at my school

I would like to introduce everyone to some sixth grade students trying their hand at poetry. Francesca, Andrea, and Ana Paula are my students. Ximena is the coordinator’s student. I have left the grammar and punctuation as they wrote it. Pretty impressive writing for non-native English speakers.


by Francesca Osornio

The Sunset bloomed
Behind that old pyramid.
the very cooled air.
Made me want to sing.
Sitting under the moonlight,
Overlooking the city of Chichén Itzá


by Francesca Osornio

It’s stretchy cheese,
Dressed its crusty crust.
It’s red, red pepperoni danced a waltz
The circular shape made me think of the sun
The Joyful colours of the pizza
made me want to fly


By Andrea Castelán

Food is my life
and cherries make me laugh
The cucumber is dancing
with the jicama and
the carrot is swimming
in the deep
The apple is scary
and the pear is lazy
Banana reminds of a monkey
like a friend I have


by Ana Paula Garcia

I love pizza it’s like a
piece of gold, like an
Ice cream in summer,
Your cheese, yellow like
the sun makes me
feel like touching
the sky.

In the future

by Ximena Garcia

we will have fun all the time
We will sleep at night on our computer-pillow
The computer-pillow sends ous learning waves
Think of all the school time we will save


18 responses to ““In Honour of National Poetry Month” poems by students at my school

  1. Please thank your students for letting you share their lovely, fresh poems with us. A terrific idea to start the month with a bang.

    Are they native English speakers? Or did they have the added handicap of another language to cope with?

  2. No, Viv, they are native Spanish speakers, that is what makes it all the more pleasant. Francesca looks like she might have future in writing, doesn’t she? She is only twelve years old. Thank you and I will be happy to let them know.

  3. Yes, Francesca’s pepperonis will stick with me for awhile. Lovely writes. Your students are poets.

  4. They are, aren’t they, Brenda. All of them were given the assignment to write a poem about Mexico and food. These were the best of them. Francesca studied for a while in Canada, you tell that by her spelling of “colours”.

  5. Wonderful to see these poems- Great to see our future in the hands of such creative and inspired young poets.

  6. Bravo to your students, Pamela! I see success in their futures with this excellent writing at the very tender age of 12. Please congratulate them for a job well done!

  7. I certainly will, Marianne. Thanks for commenting.

  8. I like these – shows some finely taught sensibiilties.

  9. What good work. I’m trying to imagine what sort of mess I’d have made of a Spanish poem. Even after a few years of “learning” in high school. I like Andrea’s way of looking at things.
    Way cool, Teach.

  10. How sweet and creative. Children see images so clearly. I find myself trying to create them instead of seeing/finding them. Their writing is even more powerful for its simplicity. Thank you so much for sharing these. Best wishes to you and them.

  11. What talented students you have! I loved these, especially ‘cherries make me laugh’ – such a world of joy in that simple line.

    Thanks you for sharing. Wonderful. Will we see more?

  12. Tilly, it is now part of their curriculum, but I am not sure how they’ll feel about it. I got lots of *sighs* from them, when I asked for these two topics. Francesca is the only one who is completely enthralled with the idea of writing poetry. So, yes, there will be more. Thanks for commenting.

  13. What a great idea! And you have honored them (and us!) by sharing their creativity….love that I’ve found this, even though I can barely keep my eyes open…lol. I’ll have to come back soon to read more of your writings!

I appreciate all comments.

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