Chochitto Napowrimo Day # 3

Watching pigeons
on the brick wall,
I notice them sway
as he primps

Sharing blueberries
and mangoes in spring,
where every youthful
difference sings
unclasped love

Hopping on a perch,
breathing his beak
into yellow down

Process notes: This is about our little loro. He has been with us for 7 years. I often wonder about what they see, that we don’t.


15 responses to “Chochitto Napowrimo Day # 3

  1. You have made a bird’s life appear quite lovely!

  2. Mary, his life is pretty comfy. He is also a lovely little bird.

  3. I love “breathing his beak into yellow down.” We lost our canary, Harpo, this year. We woke one morning and he did not. His song was beautiful, and we miss him. Thank you for that last stanza, it’s perfect.

  4. I love what you paint of your bird, such lovely brushstrokes, Pamela.

  5. Beautiful, Pamela. I can see him so vividly.

  6. Lovely thoughts. What is a loro?

  7. smiles…i appreciate those ponderings as well…seems a peaceful enough moment..i like that middle stanza…

  8. Brian, I love watching him, he is so mellow. That is my favourite part also, thanks. I love your NYC poems!

  9. It is Spring for all creatures and they certainly show us how happy they are.

  10. This is so pretty!

I appreciate all comments.

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