Paint me Diego Napowrimo # 9

Pennies fall into pretty piles as
Diego catches them,
treating flowers indifferently,
no favourites this time

Fall in love, stay in love,
not hiding behind lilies of awe,
a signature on fragile passing

Diego continues spreading
roses canyon-deep
in atmospheric light

Process notes: Not to any prompt, I was simply thinking of Kahlo and Rivera here.


13 responses to “Paint me Diego Napowrimo # 9

  1. An ethereal poem feeling, Pamela.

  2. Very nice, Pamela. I love the paintings of both artists.

  3. I was just reading about Frida Kahlo last week. There’s a subtle fragility about this poem, Pamela. Beautiful writing!

  4. this is lovely…i esp like th second stanza…but the imagery in the first and last of the pennies and the flowers is lovely…

  5. This is lovely, especially in light of your process notes. I reread it and the images intensified for me. Well done, Pamela. Your muse is there, I can sense her. 🙂 And you are right, wine helped me sleep last night, but definitely did not bring my muse to the surface.

  6. Brenda, my muse is starting to fickle out on me a bit. I will however try to continue, but Monday I go back to school, so we shall see. Wine will help you sleep, but as far as finding the muse, well that is another story. 🙂

  7. Lovely, Pamela! I really liked this stanza:
    Fall in love, stay in love,
    not hiding behind lilies of awe,
    a signature on fragile passing

  8. You know, I thought of Rivera and then Frida before I read the notes, because I’ve long admired Frida’s work – I even own the Salma Hayek movie, very impressed by Julie Taymor’s process, loved Molina’s take on Diego, but mostly how hard Hayek worked for so many years to bring a faithful impression of Frida to the screen.

    Falling in love and staying in love, however disjointed their love became after the betrayal with her sister, that was still a love that never died. And Diego didn’t really distinguish between the flowers, really; he loved them all. His genius; his Achilles’ Heel. This is perfect, simply glorious, for me, because of my history of loving Kahlo, so thank you. Hope you like what I have brought you below, from my passions. Paz, Amy

  9. Beautiful portrait in words.

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