Dementia Napowrimo Day #12

Salt mines crystallized,
forged, difficult moments

Time inside, perspective
without reason;

time outside, gifts given
vantage point

Shattered mirrors
return our gaze — surrogated

Alternate building, alternate time
blocked on my esophagi;
I try to recall comatose names

Process notes: It seems I have gone rogue, following no prompts, only some memories. Oh, well.


8 responses to “Dementia Napowrimo Day #12

  1. I love that “comatose names” — so accurate

  2. Join the club: more than half of my Napo posts are off prompt. No harm in that if the poetry is there!

  3. Prompts or not, it’s still a wonderful write,Pam!


  4. Several of my are without prompt, too Pamela, it shows we can write, right?
    😉 I really like your use of surrogated.

  5. Actually I love to see people writing off prompt as much as they can. I have done the same a few times this week. Actually a poem could be written on the subject of ‘going rogue.’ I think you have really captured being inside of ‘dementia’ in this poem. Very scary, and I truly hope I am spared!

  6. ugh…if there is anything in this world that i am afraid of…it is losing my mind…i have watched it far too much…and i like your description of it…it hits…

  7. Going rogue is good, Pamela, when you write something like this!

    “Shattered mirrors
    return our gaze — surrogated” is excellent!

    My MIL suffered from Alzheimer’s and my FIL had dementia. It was terrible to watch.

  8. I often write without a prompt. It does seem though as if those ones do tend to be ignored more.
    Lovely write Pamela.

I appreciate all comments.

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